As an energy being, you are mostly energy fields. Ninety percent of who you are are these energy fields which regulate ALL aspects of your life. These energy fields regulate your health, wealth, relationships and your self-expression. Although these energy fields exist in the physical three-dimensional (3D) world, they also exist in 12 other dimensions, dimensions 4-15. Each dimension is connected to a chakra. Dimensions 1-3 are connected to the root, sacral and solar plexus chakra, respectively. The heart, throat, 3rd eye and crown chakra relate to dimensions 4-7, respectively. These chakras are called the 7 embodied chakras because they spiral over different locations in your physical body and bathe the organs in that location with their energy.

The root chakra is all about survival and connection to your tribe or ancestors. The sacral or womb chakra is your creativity center, your joie de vivre, your childlike awe and wonder. It is also your money center. The solar plexus chakra is your identity and personal power. These energies help define you in this 3D world on earth.

The heart chakra is your love and connection energy. The throat chakra is responsible for synthesizing the information from all 7 chakras for perfect self expression. The 3rd chakra is your perception and abstract thinking energy. The crown chakra is transcendence energy – your ability to transcend the 3D world and imagine the possibilities beyond the physical world. These energies are in the 4th through 7th dimensions. 

The other 8 other chakras are the morphogenic chakras and your connections to dimensions 8-15. They aren’t associated with your physical body. They are above and below your physical form along a central vertical channel. We share these chakras with the earth and space. Therefore, anything that is done to the earth affects us and anything that affects us affects the earth. Although this may sound really sci-fi, we witness this concept with our computers and electronic devices. What we do on our computers shows up on our phones. 

Your superconscious or your Higher Self exists in dimensions 4-15. You can think of your Higher Self as your inner wisdom. Your Higher Self knows what is for your best and highest good. Your Higher Self knows if your choices are in alignment with your primary soul’s energy and your soul’s purpose. 

Amazingly, it is easy to connect to your Higher Self (dimensions 4-15) and tap into the wisdom of your superconscious. The first step is to get out of your head. I teach a simple breathing technique to slow your brain waves down to a theta mental state where the monkey mind isn’t present. 

I teach people how to read energy signatures from your Higher Self. I teach you how to read a “yes” and how to read a “no” from your Higher Self. When you master that, you can then ask the Higher Self open ended questions and get real answers. 


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