The person that talks most about prosperity, has prosperity. The person that talks most about lack and limitation, has lack and limitation. 

What kind of person do you want to be- prosperous or limited? It is your choice!!!

I think of prosperity as being a state of being or a consciousness. What you are focusing on expands in your life. Do you focus on all the things that you are grateful for or the things that are difficult or problems in your life.

If you focus on the problems, you will create more problems. If you focus on what you are grateful for, you will create more things to be grateful for. 

This is Quantum Physics. This is the Universal Law of Attraction. Like attracts like. What you put out in the world comes right back to you—like a boomerang. 

When I understood these teachings and applied them to my life, magic and miracles started happening. I was in a completely different frame of mind and different state of consciousness, I was attracting what I really wanted in my life. 

I am teaching what I’ve learned in a group program called, Conscious Leaders Journey to Creating a Prosperous and Abundant Life. Every week, the students come in and tell how magic and miracles are happening in their lives. For example, long-lasting relationship issues are suddenly being resolved—easily.  One widow met a man in the park as she was training for a race, one man resolved an employee issue with ease. Another is seeing issues with a brother and mother resolving in new and unexpected ways.

The fact is that we can’t change anyone else but ourselves. When we change, those around us change. People can sense shifts in energies within us. Shifts in energy is the magic. 

If you want specific changes in your life, you need to change something within you.

For example, one man had totally written off his parents and two brothers because they couldn’t help his daughter who was in college near where they all live. His daughter was in serious danger because she called in authorities because her boyfriend was unresponsive from mixing drugs or taking too much. She saved his live.  But her peers did not agree that she needed to call his parents or tell the authorities. She needed to be in a safe haven immediately.  His parents weren’t there for him. So he wrote them off. After one discussion, he realized his parents and brothers were mirroring  back to him how he was treating them.  He was the one who focused on his new family to such an extent that he didn’t have time for his parents or brothers.  So they weren’t there for him when he’d needed them to help his daughter. 

Prosperity is freedom, wonderful loving relationships, loving your job or career, feeling blessed, being in joy, surrounding yourself with (only) things you love, living with order and organization, and being at peace. 

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