September (2015), Donna Eden offered an advanced class on chakras for the Eden Energy Medicine community.  What I am going share with you from this course may surprise you. But my intention for sharing this information with you is to inspire and empower you to remove stored energies from your past (that actually are holding you back in your life) so you can move into a new future that you create. 

The Yoga Chakras include the root, womb/sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, 3rd eye and crown chakras.  We usually process energy from them by starting from the root and up to the crown chakra.  We release energy from the chakras by making counterclockwise circles over the chakra slowly with our activated or sensitized hands.  Once the congested energy has been removed, we circle our hands clockwise over the chakra.  In this way, we can plant seeds of new energy to bloom in that chakra according to its chakra theme. 

Simply, the themes of the 7 embodied chakras are:

  • root – survival, connection to your tribe  
  • womb or sacral – joyful, creative, childlike awe  
  • solar plexus – identity, personal power 
  • heart-  love, connection  
  • throat – synthesis, expression 
  • 3rd eye – perception, extrasensory-perception, transcendence  
  • crown -spiritual connection

There are 7 layers to each chakra or 49 layers for energy from the past to get stuck!  The first layer contains the most recent memories and the 7th layer represents energy from past lives. The 6th layer represents memories from very young and in utero.  We carry around volumes of memories that don’t serve us.  What I learned from Donna Eden’s advanced course is how to tap into each layer of the chakras, how to determine what emotions are stored that block the energy flow, and how to release the emotion.  There is a complexity to chakra energy as it interacts with another energy system called the 5 Rhythms. 

While the Yoga chakras focus on the past, the Celtic Chakras are about the future. Since Donna Eden can visualize energy, she discovered these Celtic Chakras while observing the charka energy developing in a newborn baby.  The energy starts at the 4th or heart chakra and then moves to the 3rd or solar plexus chakra.  Then the energy develops around the 5th or throat chakra and moves to the 2nd or womb/sacral chakra.  Then the energy moves to the 7th or crown chakra.  Then the energy develops in the 1st or root chakra and moves to the 6th or 3rd eye charka.  I included the numbers of the chakras to illustrate that this development obeys the law of 7s, as observed by Dr. Sara Allen.  The number 7 indicates the two chakras create a portal (except the 7th chakra- 4+3=7, 5+2=7, 6+1=7).  Each chakra has a message for its paired chakra. These Celtic Chakras can help us move into the future with these messages. This process paves a new way of being to create your future. 


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