I started working with Anne as I felt my life was just spinning around and I was not moving forward in the direction I wanted to go. Also, I was always tired and suffering from digestion/acid reflux issues. Since starting 12 weeks ago I am off medicine for my acid reflux issues. Occasionally the problem presents itself and I do my exercises and it goes away again. I feel more energetic and able to handle stressful issues without them upsetting me and going into a panic. I am calmer, happier and have a clear focus on what I wish to achieve. As a bonus I have people coming into my life for business that I was not expecting.

LM, Riverdale, NJ

Anne is a very dedicated energy medicine practitioner, she puts her heart and soul into her work and really cares about the results of her clients. Before working with Anne I had trouble focusing and felt overwhelm and low energy, as well as challenges with my family. While working with Anne I noticed significant improvement in how I felt, now I feel focused and my thinking is clear, I’ve let go of many mental blocks. I but the most important part is that our work resulted in a wonderful opportunity showing up on my path. Thank you Anne.

EK, Ramsey, NJ

The title “Energy Medicine” aroused my curiosity.  Indeed it is a revelation to heal myself in a non-intrusive way, totally relying on my own body’s electrical circuits.  Even my mood is improving.  Thank you Anne for teaching me a new way to tap into my own energy to heal my different problems.

R. F, Allendale, NJ

A few months ago I was a member of Anne Deatly’s Introduction to Energy Medicine Workshop. We met once a week for 6 weeks and were introduced to a whole new way of looking at and being in the world.  The concept of practicing and utilizing the theory of energy medicine to improve and enhance our well being was certainly new territory for most of us. Thanks to Anne’s enthusiastic, sincere and clear way of providing information, examples and experiences throughout the workshop, I can happily report an improved energy level, more mobility and flexibility with less arthritic discomfort, tools to energize and enliven my spirit and zest for living, and a greater appreciation for the daily practices that can enhance my well being. I would highly recommend this workshop to everyone.

K.S., Mahwah, NJ

I would have say that while I ‘understand’ and appreciate the concepts of Energy Medicine, the reality is almost a mystery.  In explanation, I am a healthy well-adjusted person, I happily live each day but have many stressful areas in my life that I sometimes allow to affect my confidence and stress me out.  I went to the energy workshop hoping to improve my inner strength.  During one session (and during a particularly vulnerable time in my life) it was discovered that my chakra is under stress and not “optimum”.  After a process of reconditioning that ‘center’ I felt quite confident in who I am.  The daily exercises allow me to strength my inner core and my self-confidence is once again strong.  I have been able to not just endure stressful situations but excel and take charge of stressful situations in my life.  I have found my inner voice and have the tools to stay strong even in times or situations that seek to tear me down.

H.C., Franklin Lakes, NJ

Anne Deatly…incredibly sincere and dedicated to helping others.

J.G., Waldwick, NJ