If you master the energy flow in your body, the energy will naturally flow in your business. Your business is in your body because of the interconnectedness of the universe. The mind, body, spirit and soul are not only connected to each other but also to the universe.

The holistic principle of life demonstrates how affecting one aspect of your life, it affects all other aspects of your life. Therefore, your business reflects the energy of your body. Since 99% of the world is invisible, life is much more than what can be explored through our five senses. To create a successful business or career, we need to work in the realm of the 99%. Most transformation processes are focused on strategies and tactics in the 1%. When we open up to the world of the invisible and subtle energy, we are now living in infinite possibility for our health, business success and wealth.

radiant energyOur bodies were designed to be open vessels for energy to flow in and out. We are really energy beings- 90% of us is energy! As Albert Einstein said, “Everything is energy, that is all there is to it.”

When energy freely flows without blockages in our body, we are functioning optimally. We are open to receive the messages or energetic signals from our environment. For us to be at our very best energetically, all nine energy systems that make up our energy body, must be working optimally. In addition, all nine energy systems must be interconnected and supporting each other. Ideally, there should be no blockages within any of the systems and no blockages between energy systems.

One of the energy systems that most people know is the chakra system. The energies spiraling in our chakra system should be clear–taking in and releasing energy in an optimal way. There are seven major chakras:

  • The first chakra, at the base of our torso, is the Root Chakra. The energy in the Root Chakra is for survival and connection to our tribe or ancestors. Imagine if our survival energy was blocked in the body! Our health and wealth would be blocked!
  • The second chakra, right below the navel, is the Womb Chakra. This energy governs our creativity, productivity and our joie de vivre!
  • The third chakra, the Solar Plexus Chakra, stores the energy of our personal power and identity. The stomach, in the path of this spiraling energy, is the seat of all creating, destroying or eliminating. The stomach area is the foundational seat of all emotion. In the energy world, the stomach is known as the gateway to true lasting success. How can the energy flow freely if our emotions are going crazy? What do you think would happen in our businesses if our Solar Plexus chakra energy were blocked? There certainly would be a suboptimal business.
  • The fourth chakra is the Heart Chakra. The Heart Chakra stores the energy of love and connection. Can a business really be successful without connection?
  • The fifth chakra is the throat chakra and stores the energy of integration and expression.
  • The sixth chakra is the 3rd eye, which stores of the energy of abstraction and transcendence.
  • The seventh chakra is the Crown Chakra, which stores the energy of transcendence.

Here are five simple ways to keep the energy flowing freely through the chakra system.

  1. Sit up straight so the Solar Plexus and other chakras are not compressed. Puff out the chest and straighten the back. Let the energy flow freely.
  2. Uncross your legs to allow energy flow coming in/going out.
  3. Breathe deeply to move energy through the body- especially to the brain.
  4. Focus on the solution; do not stay in the problem.
  5. Cut the energy cords from others- slice through the energy in front and back of the body to release the energetic connections with negative energies.

Let’s also look at the cellular and molecular level. Quantum physics shows us that all cells have patterns, programs and energetics both inside and outside the cell. But the cell can get dirty, murky and plaque-filled. The dirtier the cell, the slower the cell functions. Blood picks up the dirt in the cells. This murky blood goes into the brain and causes “cloudiness”. Your body and brain at this point need a tune up or cleansing. Our brains need a defragging just like a computer. When you organize and balance the energy of the cells, body and brain, the dimmer switch gets turned up and the body, brain and cells start working optimally.

Take action today! Energy Medicine is an uncommon solution to common problems. Remove the blocks that prevent you from thriving. Cleanse your cells, body and brain energetically! Get an energy tune up today with me! This shift may be the most significant transformation of your business. Achieve at your highest potential! Mastering your energy enables you to have a radiant successful business!


Dr. Anne M. Deatly, previously a research scientist, is the Director of E Quantum Breakthroughs. E Quantum Breakthroughs’ mission is to use energy to help professionals break through or transcend the barriers that limit them from living and achieving at their highest potential. Don’t waste another day to transform your health and business!