If you understand Quantum Physics, you know we are energy beings. Ninety per cent of our “being-ness” is energy fields. These energy fields regulate everything in our lives including our health, wealth, careers and relationships. These energy fields represent our life force. This life force is our spiritual aspect which is our eternal being. Our energy body doesn’t get destroyed when we die; only our physical form decays and recycles to the earth. Our life force continues forever. It is our soul.

We are connected to the collective consciousness through our energy fields. Our energies flow from us to all other energy fields. We are all one in the universal sense.

Even more exciting, we are connected to the Divine through the energies that flow through the Universe. We are ONE with the Divine. We are not separate. Therefore, the Divine is always available to us. The Divine doesn’t shut us out, we shut out the Divine.

All our problems come from the illusion that we are separate from the Divine.

Once we understand the Divine is always available to us and is trying to get our attention, then it is easier to let go of negative thoughts, feelings and beliefs. It is easier to surrender and trust. It is easier to open up and let the Divine energy flow through us. Divine energy flows through us as us.

Once we truly understand and embrace as truth that we are ONE with the Divine, then everything in life gets easier. We experience the ONENESS. We witness the Divine in everyone and everything. We know the ALL is in ALL. We let go of trying to control everything in our lives. We experience radical acceptance of everyone and everything. We let go of judgment and attachment. We know that everyone is exactly where they need to be on their journey in every moment. We understand what is for our best and highest good is beyond our knowing.

Once we embrace the ALL in ALL, we can embrace all that happens in our life. Every event or encounter is a golden opportunity to grow. Everything is always happening for our best and highest good. It may not appear that a situation or event or even a person is that golden opportunity. There may be a struggle involved. Emotional pain may be involved. But in time you will understand the situation or event was a golden opportunity. Sometimes we attract certain events or situations so we can learn an important lesson necessary to achieve our true mission in this lifetime.

Energy blockages in our life force or energy fields will block our connection to the Divine. Major energy blockages are stress, stuck emotional issues or trauma, negative thought patterns, and self-limiting beliefs. Isn’t it time for you to release stress, negative thought patterns and self-limiting beliefs so you can experience the ONENESS?

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