What is optimal health? To me, the medical paradigm for health is the absence of physical symptoms, illness or disease. This is one way to think about health. But is it the criteria you want for your own health? It is not the criteria I use for my own health and it is not what I aspire for my clients.

In studying energy medicine, I learned there is always an energetic imbalance associated with a physical symptom. There is ALWAYS an energetic imbalance before the physical symptom manifests. Sometimes it takes years or decades for a physical symptom to develop. If you don’t have the physical symptom (yet) but your energies are imbalanced, are you healthy? I don’t think so.

An imbalance in an energy system means that the energy flowing to the organ(s) is compromised in some way. A simplified view is that there is either too little or too much energy flowing to an organ when an energy system is imbalanced. Neither situation is optimal for the organ. Over time in this deficient or over-energized state, the organ becomes dysfunctional in performing its myriad of functions for our well-being.

It is really good news that there is a detectable energetic imbalance before a disease state emerges. That means you can focus on the energies and achieve a state of equilibrium before any organ or system is significantly compromised. Energies can be balanced BEFORE physical symptoms develop! This concept is extremely empowering!

For example, as I stated in a previous article, at least three energetic imbalances occur before cancer develops in the body:

  • The body is in an energy deficient and de-vitalized state.
  • The immune system is dysfunctional.
  • There is (at least) one organ or physiological system that is energetically compromised.

To me, disease is a state of energetic imbalance or dis-equilibrium that has existed for a period of time and has been established as a “new normal”. This state of dis-equilibrium is easy to establish. Energies are dynamic and ever changing. Our energies are constantly challenged as we experience life. Our energy systems respond to cues in the environment, emotions and thoughts. Our dynamic energies get blocked because of stress, self-limiting beliefs, and unresolved emotional issues- what I call the BIG three! Our energy systems get blocked and the energy doesn’t flow easily through the body.

The goal for me as an energy medicine practitioner is to remove, release or resolve the blocks to a free-flowing energy system. It is only then that the energy is free to flow in and out of the energy field and get replenished with the revitalizing energy from the universe.

In a pre-cancerous state, if you establish energetic equilibrium revitalizing the energy systems in the body, energize the immune system, and resolve energy flow issues to a vulnerable organ or physiological system, then you may never know that your body was headed for a cancerous state!

We don’t have to be victims of disease. Understanding our energy systems empowers us to take control of our health and well-being. We can make the changes and we can be healthy by establishing energetic equilibrium.

Establishing RESILIENT energetic equilibrium enables us to go beyond a minimal state of health and attain maximal or optimal health. This is a state of peace and harmony within you and in your life. Your thoughts and emotions play a significant role in a maximum state of health and well-being.

Specifically, what I mean by optimal health is:

  • having a resilient energy body that supports the physical body
  • experiencing energy flowing freely in and out of your energy fields
  • living in a body which is at peace (i.e. the parasympathetic rather than the sympathetic nervous system is engaged most of the time)
  • listening more to the heart than the brain
  • listening to your body
  • trusting you are connected to your inner truth
  • living and achieving at your highest potential
  • loving what you do while making a significant contribution to the world
  • being free from judgment
  • trusting that everything is ALWAYS for your best and highest good
  • being open
  • connecting to your higher self
  • stepping into the flow of possibility
  • receiving spiritual energy and guidance as it flows in easily and effortlessly
  • becoming your fully realized self

Do you want to achieve optimal health? Do you want to establish resilient energetic equilibrium? Take action today! Energy Medicine is an uncommon solution to common problems. This type of energy work leads to optimal energy flow and optimal health for your mind, body and spirit. Step into the flow of possibility and connect to your fully realized self. This is living radiantly!


Dr. Anne M. Deatly, previously a research scientist, is an advanced Energy Medicine Practitioner and Director of E Quantum Breakthroughs (www.energizeforjoy.com). E Quantum Breakthroughs’ mission is to use energy to help people break through or transcend the barriers that limit them from living and achieving at their highest potential. Don’t waste another day to transform your health, wealth, relationships and happiness.