For my spiritual growth and evolution this year, I’m working on surrendering and trusting. So I naturally“attracted” an opportunity to test my ability to surrender and trust. I was on vacation in Greece. touring mainland Greece and some islands. On the last night of the trip,I fell on a white marble walkway on the picturesque island of Santorini. Everything was white; the buildings, houses, and the walkways. There were splashes of radiant cobalt blue (to match the blue of the Aegean Sea) on the domes of churches, front doors and some shutters. It was paradise.

There were a lot of people moving through a narrow white marble walkway between elegant stores. I was jostled and stepped to the right to get away from the crowd. I misstepped and my left knee went smack down on the marble. 

I was supposed to fly home the next day. But the guide leading the excursion insisted I go to a private hospital to check out my knee. I agreed. An x-ray showed the patella of the left knee was fractured. The head of the Metropolitan Hospital Emergency Room just outside of Athens, told me that with this accident, I would be at a high risk of a blood clot during the flight home. In fact, he would require me to sign a document accepting full responsibility for my life if I decided to fly before having the surgery to fix the broken patella. Wow!  What could I do but stay in Greece and have the operation?

The operation was the next day.

Shortly after the operation, I started laughing when I realized I had magnetized this golden opportunity to determine if I could surrender this whole experience and trust that everything would work for my best and highest good- in  a foreign country, all alone and not knowing the language. I couldn’t evaluate the hospital or reputation of the doctors. I had to surrender my life to people I didn’t know. The perfect opportunity for me to embrace the situation and determine if I could completely surrender.

I started to affirm to myself over and over just surrender and trust,… just surrender and trust. Then I became aware of all the situations presented to me as lessons to learn. I had to remove myself from hospital rooms to get the sleep for healing. I learned to detach from my needs and understand the suffering and pain of other patients despite their constant screaming. At first I didn’t want to burden the nurses with requests. But I soon learned that I did need to assert myself for certain things like getting a sponge bath!

I ended up staying in the hospital for 16 days (probably because I didn’t learn all the lessons I could have the first time around). I was frustrated at times, but i am pleased with how I was able to surrender and trust. I call this experience Surrender and Trust 2.0  

If you or someone you know wants to learn how to surrender and trust, please contact me.  (, 201-925-1046). 

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