You may have heard of the famous research Dr. Masuru Emoto has done with water. This Japanese scientist studies water to observe the different crystals that form. Each crystal that forms has the same hexagonal shape but all the crystals are different in the structural details.

After Dr. Emoto’s collects the water sample, he takes 1 milliliter (small amount) and adds that to each of 50 petri plates. Then he puts the petri dishes in a freezer at -25° C to freeze the water. After 3 hours, the petri dishes are removed from the cold one by one to observe and photograph the crystals as they form while the ice melts. The microscope is in a cold room about 5° C so the water melts slowly to increase the opportunity to observe and photograph the crystal formation.

Dr. Emoto has tested water from different cities and countries. Different hexagonal crystals form from waters from different places. He has tested clean water and dirty water. If the water is polluted, hexagonal crystals can’t form. Dr. Emoto studies water crystals before and after prayer.
Dr. Emoto has taken water from toxic areas which don’t form crystals at all and has people pray over the water before he freezes it. Amazingly, crystals now form in the polluted water after prayer.

The most surprising of all his studies is the effect different words have on the formation of crystals. Crystals don’t form from water subjected to mean or harsh words. Beautiful hexagonal crystals form after love and gratitude have been spoken to the water.

Dr. Emoto also puts water in glass bottles with beautiful words written on the bottle like love and gratitude, peace, truth, eternal. He or his colleagues will also say the words to the water over and over. When they observe the water crystals, even “toxic” water is able to form beautiful hexagonal crystals.

What about the water that we drink everyday? We are about 70% water! What if we held the glass of water we are about to drink and send positive, uplifting messages to the water.? Love and gratitude, hope, peace, joy! That water would bring positive energy into our bodies and help us function at a higher potential.

Thoughts, words, beliefs and feelings all have vibrational frequencies. The more we share positive thoughts and words, the more positivity we are sending out into the world. The famous Law of Attraction works unfailingly in every moment. Why don’t we use what this scientist has taught about the messages in water and how positive words and thoughts enable the water to form beautiful hexagonal structures that have symmetry and harmony.

What we put out into the world comes back to us. If we are careful with our words and believe that the world is good, then we can raise our frequencies and attract into our lives higher frequency people, opportunities and events.

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