Every day we are given a new opportunity to BE different. Choosing to be different than yesterday is key in growing and evolving in life. It’s okay to feel the feelings today of emotional pain. But we need to let it go tomorrow. Tomorrow is a new day and allows us the freedom to BE different and respond differently. It creates more problems to stay in a negative emotional state.

When we hold onto the negative states like fear, guilt, shame and anger, we are choosing to stay in a negative state. Evolving from that negative state is real freedom to choose a different frequency of vibration of our whole energy being. 

Usually we take this concept of making changes more seriously on New Year’s Day when we pick out how we want to be different in the new year. We decide to do something new like exercise more or diet to lose weight. Or we decide to take up a new hobby to be in alignment with our creative side. 

We often forget that we can make this choice to be different EVERY DAY. 

Seasons and nature help reinforce in us the cyclical pattern of new beginnings all around us. Why do we wait until New Year’s Day to BE different? We can make that choice today!

Mostly, I am referring here to changing how we feel from negative to positive. So many people hold onto anger, fear, guilt and shame. Why? Because if we let go of the emotional pain, we believe the person or situation is getting away with hurting us. We can’t forgive because we are in pain. Someone or something needs to right this wrong and then we can change. That is simply not how the Universe works. We have to change our frequency first and then a different result emerges. 

The fact that we were hurt in the first place may also mean that we actually hurt someone else.

When we put out negative thoughts, we get more negative things coming back to us. When we put out negative actions or behavior, we get negative actions and behavior back to us. This is how the Universe works— like a boomerang and like a mirror.

The Universe shows us what we are putting out by what comes back (like a boomerang). We will always be able to know what we are being by our results in life. We have to be conscious enough to observe this for ourselves. We have to make different choices to improve what we are putting out in the world. 

We are the ones that have to stop this cycle and get real within us. Face the facts and observe what the Universe is reflecting to us. Decide what we want to put out and why and we will be able to change.

One of our missions in life is to improve our level of consciousness which will uplift the universal consciousness.  This is definitely a win-win. 


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