Fear attracts more fear

Ironic, isn’t it? Whatever we focus on expands in our lives. What we put out in the world in terms of thoughts and feelings comes back to us. These concepts represent two universal laws; the Universal Law of Cause and Effect and the Universal Law of Attraction. The vibration of who we are in any moment attracts like vibrations into our lives such as people, situations, events, and opportunities. According to Quantum Physics, it can’t happen any other way. 

The more you fear, the more likely the fear will lead to anxiety and then panic. Fearing fear guarantees you’ll be stuck in fear. 

Fear is an emotional state of being, a level of consciousness. In terms of Dr. David Hawkin’s Clinically Proven Map of Consciousness, fear is a level of 100 out of 1000.  

What is the fear of fear? It’s a cycle. The fear of one thing creates the fear of a second thing. The fear of the second thing creates the fear of a third thing, etc. Each cycle can elevate the level and spread of fear. 

Some of our darkest times as a nation was a result of fear. For example, the economic crash of 1929 started as fear which turned into anxiety and panic. In his famous first inaugural address, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, declared that ”the only thing to fear is fear itself.” FDR made this statement during the economic crisis (much worse than today) to illuminate how fear was making the situation worse for all Americans. People lost confidence in banks and scrambled to get their money out —all at the same time. As a result, the banking industry collapsed and over 2000 banks closed. 

Fear feeds more fear. 

What feeds our fear? One thing is the media. The media actually induces fear in us. To have a successful business, the media needs you to want more sensationalism and more hype. Inducing fear in you enables the media to increase its bottom line. 

Fear blocks us rather than excites us to positive action. Fear paralyzes us so we don’t move forward. We aren’t able to make the right decisions. We may literally get stuck in fear. 

In reality, most of what we fear never comes to pass. Fear may be an acronym for False Evidence Appearing Real.

Fear also increases competition rather than collaboration; everyone is out for themselves rather than working for the greater good of all. .Fear increases panic rather than allowing things to unfold naturally.

Here is the good news. Fear is just an energy frequency. We can change the frequency by changing our thoughts about the “fear”. Bringing in a higher vibrational frequency like love, joy or peace, we can elevate the frequency of the situation and dissipate the fear. Changing the energy can simply be done by looking honestly at the situation and discovering what’s real and what’s illusion. Focusing on what’s good stops the cycle of fear.


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