Below is my tenfold path to awakening and enlightenment.

  1. Optimize energy flow in the energy body 
    1. Remove stiffness, aches and pains in physical body
    2. Remove blocks to optimal energy flow (remove congealed energy in field due to identities, analogical states of mind, wormholes/portals)
    3. Eliminate stress and anxiety
    4. Release stuck emotional issues and trauma
    5. Release self-limiting beliefs
  2. Release inherited and created Karma
  3. Let go of the will for accumulation and success ladder climbing
  4. Declutter your life and space
  5. Focus on what is essential to you and your divine mission
  6. Surrender and trust -embody your Higher Self
  7. Be of service with love and compassion, give and receive in equilibrium
  8. Be grateful for everything- challenges are gifts
  9. Manifest your ideal life
  10. Align with the Divine

These 10 steps on the path to awakening and enlightenment are not necessarily in the correct order for everyone. There is Divine Right Timing and Divine Right Order for each one of us. Everyone’s path is different based on their life mission and what they need to learn in this lifetime. We are all being guided by our Higher Self even if we ignore it or dismiss the guidance. 

In my current practice, I focus on steps 1 and 2. I meet people where they are and what they want in their life. Most people don’t realize there is so much more to life than the 3D earthly programming of success, wealth and status or even living pain-free. There is no judgment here. Just an opportunity to open the door to a new way of perceiving and a new way of BEING. We all have been programmed a certain way from birth. In our social media driven world, this programming is further emphasized. (I am trying to change that with my social media @deatlyanne on Instagram and E Quantum Breakthroughs by Dr Anne Deatly on Facebook). 

I would like to emphasize that we don’t have to accept the 3D programming anymore with its limitations and limiting beliefs. We are meant to achieve at much higher levels with less stress and anxiety, Life is meant for joy and freedom. If you aren’t feeling joy and freedom, perhaps you would like to change. Read through my tenfold path list. Where do you think you are? Are you satisfied with that way of being? Or are you ready to change? Absolutely no judgment. 

I am expanding my practice to offer new ways of the being and doing to those seeking a higher version of their life and to align with the divine. This person is looking to work on steps 3-10. However, these seekers may still have the blockages listed in the first step. What do you think? What are you resonating with?

What do you really want in life? Do you want to align with the divine and find enlightenment? Do you want to shed all the earthly programming and be your True Self? Try meditating on this new potential and see where your guidance is….you may be surprised- really surprised. 


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