Every significant event in our lives is stored as memory in the chakras. Each chakra has 7 layers representing different stages of your life. The first layer is the furthest out and represents the most recent events within the last few months. The second layer represents the time period within the last year. The 7th layer contains the energy or memories from past lives. The 6th layer contains the energy from when you were in utero and part of your childhood. The other layers relate to different stages and depends on your present age. 

Emotional traumas of each different stage of life gets embedded into that layer of the chakra. If the energy of the emotional trauma is not resolved, then that energy gets stuck in the layer of the chakra. You may think it is buried there or suppressed but it does interfere with your present day life. It doesn’t go away on its own. It will stay there and get triggered when something similar happens again. You end up in a reactive state because this buried energy has risen and shown itself. 

I think of the different layers of the chakras as different files in our filing cabinets. We need to go into the drawer and remove the files that no longer serve our best and highest good. Stuck emotional trauma is never for our best and highest good. It will hold us back from our highest potential. our best relationships, and from prosperity and wealth. 

Here is the good news. We can clear the emotional trauma that is stuck even in the deepest layers of the chakras by tapping into each layer and discovering what is there energetically. 

Two energy systems in our energy fields contain our emotional energies: the chakras and the 5 Rhythms. The 5 Rhythms are Water, Wood, Fire, Earth and Metal and named for the rhythms in nature that reflect how the energy moves. Very simply, when imbalanced, the Water Rhythm holds fear and hopelessness; Wood holds anger, frustration, irritation; Fire holds panic and hysteria; Earth holds worry and under/over compassion; and Metal holds the energy of grief and letting go.  

I tap into each layer of each chakra and test for 5 Rhythm imbalances and clear the imbalances while one is in the energy of that layer just as if it were a present day emotional upset. The embedded emotional trauma energy gets cleared completely and permanently because you can’t go back and relive that time of your life! 

If the energy of past emotional traumas are not released, then you are subject to the triggers from them in your present life. It is very likely that these energies are responsible for illnesses. Fo example, let’s say you have problems letting go of relationships in your present state. The inability to let go of relationships that are not good for you may be triggered from a relationship as a teenager that left an emotional scar and is stuck in your 5th layer of your heart chakra. If you can’t let go of a person or a relationship, you might become co-dependent and you might develop colon cancer because the large intestine meridian holds the energy of letting go. Colon cancer may represent your inability to let go or eliminate toxins and waste from your physical body. The body is literal. 


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