Success consciousness is all about knowing who we really are and living a life focused on what is essential for us as individuals. Success consciousness is our “state of being”. Our “being” depends on our thoughts, feelings and beliefs that result in our vibrational frequency. Our frequency is responsible for the people, opportunities, wealth, health and relationships we attract or magnetize into our lives. 

In our busy stress-filled lives, we are literally drained of energy from things that aren’t essential in our lives. We don’t take enough time to discover what is essential for us to be our true selves, be happy and to discover what we’re passionate about. We get caught up with our daily routine and don’t ask ourselves if what we are focused on and how we’re living is actually fulfilling who we really are meant to be. 

We aren’t aware of what is essential in our lives and our business. We spend too much time on non-essential things and activities. 

In fact, most of the time we are focused on what we don’t want instead of what we do want. What we focus on expands, so we’re constantly re-creating what we don’t want in our lives. 

We are constantly “doing”, and forget how we are “being”. Our “being” and most importantly, our vibrational state, is manifesting our lives moment by moment. If we only understood this concept and the universal laws, our lives would be easy, peaceful and joyful—in essence more successful and prosperous. If we truly understood success consciousness, we would take time for play, and explore what is essential for us to be who we are meant to be. 

“Right” decisions are key to making a change for more success. Too many of us are indecisive about where we are going in our lives. When indecisive, we are deciding to fail. When we aren’t committed to our true direction and purpose in life, we are going against our essential being. 

We were all born intelligent and are all connected to the Divine Intelligent Mind. If we are not blocked, we can connect to the Divine Intelligence and get all the answers for our best and highest good. We have this opportunity in every moment. If we aren’t connected to this Intelligence, we are like a boat without a rudder or a sailboat without wind in our sails. We are being pushed around on a sea of non-essentials. It is paramount for us to key into what matters most to us and focus on being purpose or passion-driven. Each of us is unique and not like anyone else. Each of us has a different motivation or soul-driven purpose. We chose a specific life to live and specific lessons to learn to evolve our souls. Once we connect to our evolutionary path, we can be successful. 


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