To be optimally healthy, one needs to have a vibrant and robust immune system. The energies supporting the immune system must be vibrant and free flowing. A completely functional immune system can protect from all the potential invaders like pathogenic bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites, environmental pollutants, toxic chemicals, and electromagnetic pollution. A healthy immune system produces antibodies against anything that appears foreign. 

Stress adds an extra challenge to an already challenged immune system which can result in a chronic disease or an autoimmune disorder. An overactive immune system destroys the body’s own tissues..In a state of autoimmunity, the immune system does not recognize its own cells and erroneously produces antibodies- or autoantibodies- against its own tissues. This overactive immune system results in chronic inflammation, tissue destruction, pain, and loss of function.

In many respects ,the immune system is still an enigma. Modern medicine has not been successful in treating immune related illnesses, especially autoimmune disorders.

To improve overall immune health, we should start with the gut. Almost 70% of our immune system is in the gut. An optimized gut has a healthy flora of bacteria that help protect us. The gut ‘microbiome’ is composed of trillions of cells- mostly bacteria -that outnumber the other cells in the human body 10 to 1!. We are mostly bacteria! 

Examples of autoimmune diseases in the gut include Colitis, Crohn’s Disease, Celiac and type 2 diabetes. One major trigger is gluten which is indigestible by everyone! Four other major microbiome disrupters are sugar, antibiotics, lack of nutrients, and stress. 

Autoimmune disorders may be the primary illness of the future. Scientists have identified over 100 autoimmune disorders. Autoimmune incidents are now 1 in 31 people. A major concern is what affects the gut also affects the brain. If there is an autoimmune disorder in the gut, there is also an autoimmune disorder in the brain. In fact, Alzheimer’s Disease is now considered type 3 diabetes. Alzheimer’s and cancer are now being considered autoimmune in nature.  

Dr. Ralph Kelvin, MD, believes the microbiome is the missing link to healing chronic diseases. He recently referred to holistic therapies like Energy Medicine as having increased effectiveness with chronic diseases.

Energetically, we can counteract autoimmune disorders by testing the microbiome and:

  • determine what is out of balance (bacteria, viruses, parasites, candida, fungi, chemicals)
  • identify the autoimmune disorder
  • test particular supplements to find energetic resonance to relieve the overactive state

Substance testing is an effective way to determine energetically what is beneficial for the body. We test for the ability of the body to metabolize or utilize a particular substance by placing the substance on the Solar Plexus and determine if the body energetically resonates with (or repels) the substance. One important nutrient to treat autoimmune disease is Vitamin D. It helps develop the proper balance of thymocytes, it takes in calcium from the intestine and alters the immune function more than any other nutrient. 


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