Part of my Tenfold Path to Enlightenment is decluttering your life and space. I used to tell my kids I wanted to reduce my material possessions to three things. I am slowly working on that goal but I am no where near living with only three things (and probably never will)—but it helps me focus on the things I couldn’t live without and what I could live without. The key is to get rid of things I could live without. 

Everything in our environment drains energy from us. There is a story a mentor told me about Steve Jobs after he lost his first job at Apple. In his house, there was only a chair and his computer. During this time between jobs at Apple, he was the most creative than any other time of his life. He had access to energy that normally was drained from things in his environment. In this creative time, Steve Jobs created the extremely successful company, Apple, we know today—in a completely uncluttered space.

Since everything in our environment drains energy from us, it’s also true that any negativity associated with the space or things in it drains us even more. Items may be in your space that you don’t really like, but keep because it was given to you by someone who has passed. Even though the items remind you of that person, it is not worth it to you to keep them. In truth, if you don’t like it, it is draining your life force energy. Only be surrounded by things that bring you joy; that raise your level of energy rather than decrease it. 

We not only have to let go of the physical, we also have to let go of the invisible clutter or blockages in our energy fields that prevent the free flow of energy. Free-flowing energy through our fields enlivens us fresh, revitalizing energy to create vibrancy and radiance with sustainable energy and resilience. The less stuff in our environment and the less blockages in our fields, the freer we are, the healthier we are, the happier we are.

The more things in our space and the more blocks in our fields, the more we buy into the limitations in the 3D earthly programming. 

I also talk about essentialism in our lives. Do we really know what is essential for us to be living our best lives? In my experience, most people don’t know what’s essential to them. It’s really important for us to be focused on our specific mission in life. If we don’t, it’s possible we won’t accomplish it. Then we have to try again in our next life. Seems like wasted time to me. 

The less stuff that distracts us and the more focused we are on our specific mission, the better we know ourselves. Knowing ourselves at a deep level is self-actualization and a path to enlightenment. 

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