To surrender your life to the divine is key to aligning with your TRUE SELF and true mission in life. According to Dr. Michael Newton in his book, Journey of the Soul, we spend centuries between lives figuring out to evolve our souls in our next life on earth. Since we can only grow or evolve in a physical form, we pick challenges to learn a specific lesson to grow from that experience. We pick a life that will provide those challenges. 

If you’ve had a life altering experience like a serious disease, a divorce, a major accident, or unhappy childhood, then it’s likely you chose that challenge. Most likely, we’ve had several situations that were opportunities for major life lessons. When you learn the lesson from the situation, then your soul can evolve.

Once we understand this, we can be grateful-deeply grateful- for the difficult times, challenges and difficult people in our lives because the overall goal is to evolve. Accept those challenges as golden opportunities. Bless them instead of resenting them. 

Is what you’re doing in life helping you evolve your soul? If it is, then you have surrendered to what you decided before you became ‘you’ in this lifetime. If not, then you can get back on track now. 

1. Let go of control. Being in control is way over-rated. If you are “in control” then you are limiting yourself. Give control to your True Self and then pay attention to the guidance of your True Self. Your True Self is your Higher or Divine Self which knows the plan for your life. Since we don’t remember (Free Will is most important), we can’t possibly know the right path or the right choices that will lead to alignment with our divine plan. 

2. Pay attention to your True Self. Don’t pay attention to your mind chatter, your ego and inner critic; the part that doesn’t want you to change. Your True Self will guide you through feelings. When you are faced with important decisions, pay attention to your truth center (which isn’t the same in everybody) but could be your heart or gut. If the feeling is tight, constricted or blocked energy flow then your True Self is trying to guide you away from that new opportunity or person. If the feeling in your truth center is warm and an open energy flow, then your truth center is guiding you toward the new opportunity, person or situation. 

Your True Self knows the spiritual and higher dimension of you. It has the wisdom and intelligence from all your lifetimes. If you don’t pay attention to the guidance from your True Self, you are likely throwing about a golden opportunity to have the best life possible. 

Evolving our souls is important for the overall uplifting of the universal consciousness and the vibration of the universe.

If you or someone you know wants to learn how to connect to your Higher self or understand the messages from your True Self, please contact me.  (, 201-925-1046). 

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