There is a new word people are using more often these days—consciousness. What does it mean?

Consciousness within you is your conscious mind, subconscious mind and superconscious mind. Your mind and brain are not the same. Your brain is more or less a relay station with lots of networks directing messages or stimuli throughout the physical body. The brain doesn’t think. Your mind thinks.

Your mind is actually in your energy fields that represent 90% of who you are. Yes, most of who you are are energy systems that make regulate all the physiological systems of your physical body. Most people can not see these energy systems. But some can and there’s a way to photograph some of the energy systems with Kirlian photography. These energy systems can be measured- the magnetic. electrical and electromagnetic aspects. New devices are being tested to measure subtle energies. These energy systems are real and affect ALL aspects of your life including your health, wealth, relationships, level of stress, happiness, success- ALL aspects of life.

But consciousness is also beyond you. The Universal Consciousness exists everywhere. The whole empty space of the universe is actually filled with the energy of the collective consciousness or Universal Consciousness. We are all part of that consciousness. One could also call it The Divine, or Universal Consciousness. Your consciousness, subconsciousness and superconsciousness are all connected to Universal Consciousness. What you think, feel and believe gets transmitted from your mind to the Universal Consciousness.

The Universal Consciousness has several functions. It acts like a container, bridge and a mirror.

As a container, Universal Consciousness contains everything and everyone in the universe. It’s responsible for everything in the Oneness. It’s responsible for all connections and interconnections.

As a bridge, Universal Consciousness connects “like” energies. Universal Consciousness connects us to energies of like frequency as in the Law of Attraction. Opportunities, people, situations and events of the same frequency as you are magnetized to you. Just like a call to your cell phone because the frequencies of the number called matches the frequency of your phone. In this way, Universal Consciousness acts like a bridge.

As a mirror, Universal Consciousness shows you the frequency or who you are being. What you put out in the universe will come back to you. What comes back to you is the mirrored image of who we’re being and doing. If you put out love, peace and joy into the universe, you will get back more love, peace and joy. If you put our fear, anger or grief, you will get back more fear, anger or grief. Think of a sideways figure 8 or infinity sign as a symbol of what you put out comes back to you. 

If you want to transform your life, change your frequency or level of consciousness. If you send more higher frequencies out to the universe, that’s what you will get back. This is quantum physics.

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