Awareness is knowing the Universe encompasses all that is visible and invisible. Mind, body, spirit make up the whole of us and the whole of the Universe. The mind and brain are not the same. The brain tissue provides a way for neural pathways and electrical stimuli to send messages much like a transmitting or relay station. The brain doesn’t think. We think with our minds. We have a conscious mind, subconscious mind and a superconscious mind (our Higher Self or True Self).

Awareness is the knowing we’re not only connected to the Universal Consciousness but we also participate in the evolution of the Universal Consciousness. By our thoughts, feelings and beliefs, we add to or subtract from the energetic level of the collective Consciousness.

By incarnating, we commit to a several goals while on earth. We seek to (1) understand and discover who we are- ourTrue Selves, (2) to uplift the Universal Consciousness, and (3) to evolve our soul in a very specific way. These are very big goals when we compare them to our daily thoughts, worries and concerns. “How will I pay that bill? How do I relieve this stress? How do I accomplish everything I need to do today? How do I discipline my child without causing harm?”

Most of us are not concerned with the major goals of our incarnated lives because we are bogged down in the details of life on earth. 

What if we did focus on the major goals of seeking the wisdom of who we really are? What if we did challenge ourselves to grow and evolve? What if we tried loving ourselves more deeply or discovering our self worth and value? What if we uplifted Universal Consciousness by letting go, surrendering and trusting to vibrate at a higher frequency? 

Once we’re aware of who we are and our significance, then we might wonder how to connect to Universal Consciousness. Awareness is connecting to the Universal Consciousness through our True Self. To start this journey we need to decide to connect and the doors will open for you. YES, REALLY! Put a stake in the ground and declare boldly this specific intention. You will be guided in that direction one stepping stone at a time, one experience and one lesson at a time.

The next step in connecting to the Universal Consciousness is to quiet your mind. Meditation, conscious deep breathing, centering prayer, walking a labyrinth, taking a walk and concentrating on the present moment will all help to connect us to the Universal Consciousness. Focus on the inner world —not what is happening on the outside. The inner (being) produces the outer results.

Once connected to Universal Consciousness, we can ask specific questions and get real answers. We may think we are making it up…but we are really tapping into the Universal Consciousness through our True Self. 

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