So many people seeking my help tell me specific fears they have: fear of driving, fear of flying, fear of life, fear of people, fear of speaking, fear of success or not being a success, and fear of being themselves. Fear consumes a lot of people. Fear ruins a lot of people’s lives. Fear holds us back. Fear keeps us small, limited and restricted. Fear keeps us from our greater good. Fear leads to anxiety. Fear drains us of energy —leaving us fatigued, stressed and even lethargic. Fear is anti-life. Fear is a complete waste of our time, energy and thoughts!

Most of the time, we don’t know why we have a particular fear. It’s an energy present in our energy fields from the past. Either the past of our present life or a past life.

The truth is: fear, like any other energy, can easily be transmuted to courage, love or joy. 

When you aware of who you really are, your True Self, and you’re connected to the Universal Consciousness, then you will have no fear.

First of all, fear, a low vibrational frequency, can’t exist in the presence of high vibrational frequencies such as the Divine or Universal Consciousness. Lower frequencies get absorbed by higher energy frequencies. 

Universal Consciousness knows no grief, apathy, shame, guilt, doubt, or anger either. Consciousness knows no low vibrational frequency. Universal Consciousness is a great place to be for vibrating at higher frequencies.

Life gets easier when you are connected to your True Self, the divine part of you that easily connects to the Universal Consciousness. You see life differently and you are different. You understand the world from a new lens, a new level of experience and a new way of BEING.

If you’re not in fear or holding onto fear, then you’re not sending fear energy into the universe. If that’s the case, then you will not get things to fear coming back to you. The reason I’m explaining this to you is so you’ll change. You’ll be able to let things go much easier if you understand yourself and your potential better. 

Near Death Experiences have shown us that only pure unconditional love exists in the world beyond the veil of the 3D world- Universal Consciousness. No fear exists there- only love. The high frequency of love overpowers the low frequency of fear so it doesn’t exist in unconditional love.

It’s a choice to live in fear or not. Fear is an energy that gets stuck in our energy fields and it can be removed. One technique to use to remove fear is to put one hand at the back of your head behind your eyes and the other hand on your forehead. Hold for 5 min or more. While holding, bring the fear to mind to communicate what you really want to release. 

If you or someone you know wants to learn how to connect to the Universal Consciousness, increase their vibrational frequency, remove fear from their fields, or improve their thought patterns, please contact me. (, 201-925-1046). 

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