Two different energies work together to create the Fight, Flight and Freeze modes of ultimate stress responses in the body:  Triple Warmer and the vagus nerve. 

Triple Warmer

The Triple Warmer energy system governs the Fight or Flight mode because it turns on the sympathetic nervous system under stress. Triple Warmer, one of the nine energy systems in our energy body (Donna Eden) or Life Force, is responsible for our survival. Triple Warmer takes its job very seriously. In fact, Triple Warmer interprets any stress in our lives as a threat to our existence and is the Fight or Flight mode.

Vagus Nerve

The vagus nerve regulates the parasympathetic nervous system which is our peace and calm mode. When the body is in stress, the vagus nerve turns off the parasympathetic system and turns on the Freeze mode. The vagus nerve is the 10th cranial nerve and the longest nerve in the body. The vagus nerve starts at the cerebellum (right behind each ear) and travels down the neck in front of the throat and sends fibers out to enervate all the organs in the body. The Freeze mode represents a primitive survival mechanism that helps animals freeze or simulate death to fool their predators. While turning on the freeze mode does have a positive effect for animals, it does not have a positive effect for humans.

Since the vagus nerve enervates all organs, the organs are in the same energetic state as the vagus nerve. For this reason, it’s advantageous for us to be in the parasympathetic mode as much as possible. The more time we are in the parasympathetic mode, the more optimal our organs can function and the healthier we are. 

The vagus nerve is in freeze mode when we have anxiety or sensitivities to food or anything in our environment or in response to changes in blood sugar levels. 

Working to calm the freeze response of the vagus nerve helps to reduce inflammation, regulate the heart beat, rewire the brain, release oxytocin, help with hypoglycemia, improve breathing, improve brain and body communication (since information from the vagus nerve goes to the brain), support the esophagus or swallowing, reduce epileptic seizures and help stroke victims recover functions. 

People with high “vagal tone” are happier, less susceptible to inflammation/disease, socially and psychologically stronger, better able to concentrate, less likely to be depressed, more empathic and have better memory. 

Releasing Fight, Flight and Freeze Responses

1. To reduce the stress of reactive Triple warmer energy, put your index fingers on your thumbs, put your thumbs in your temples, and put your other fingers above each eye on the forehead. Hold for 5 minutes or more. 

2. To unfreeze the vagus nerve, you can do several long slow exhales, hum or hold in front of your throat with your palms and your little fingers on the bone behind the ear for 5 minutes or more. 


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