Fear is perhaps the most prevalent and debilitating emotional issue. Fear holds us back from what we want in life. Fear keeps our energy fields in protection mode— the energy is NOT able to flow easily through the body. This protection mode prevents us from growing and meeting new challenges. Fear can paralyze us. 

New Fear

You can stop the fear and paralysis using the Fear Tap. Tap between the ring and pinkie fingers on both hands. The Triple Warmer meridian is associated with stress and flows between these two fingers. By tapping on this meridian, the stress reaction is reversed. FEAR is a STRESSOR! 

The Fear Tap

Breathing deeply and with 4 fingers, tap between the ring and pinkie finger for 10 seconds, then wait for 10 seconds. Tapping then stopping is a message to engage the nervous system. Then tap for 1 minute. If you put your hand over your heart while you tap on the top of your hand, you will engage heart energy which overcomes low vibratory energy like fear. Tap on both hands. If you still feel the fear, continue to tap until the fear is completely gone.

Fear has many masks. Anger, grief, shame, and guilt all contain aspects of fear. I believe most, if not all, negative emotions have a fear component.

Fear keeps us stuck. I know a 92 year old woman who fell and broke her femur a few years ago. She is alert and functional in many aspects of life EXCEPT she can’t walk even though her bone has healed. The reason is her fear of falling! Her fear is holding her back from living independently. She is now in a long term care facility because she needs nurses to help her get in and out of bed and in out of a wheelchair.

Embedded Fear

Fear can be deeply embedded in your energy fields if you’ve been fearful for a significant period of time. One energy system which contains emotional energy is the Five Rhythms. Fear is embedded in the Water Rhythm in the kidney and bladder meridians. Kidney holds the yin energy of internal fear or toward self. Bladder holds the yang fear energy of something external. If you’ve had fear for some time, it’s likely you will develop kidney or bladder issues because of the embedded fear.

Fear can also be embedded in the different layers of the chakras and the aura. 

Fear can also illuminate the edge of our comfort zone—the edge you need to break through to accomplish a new goal or perform at a higher level. This is the edge of transformation. Greater transformations come from our most difficult times. Fear can push us so hard we have to let go of control. Letting go of control allows something deeper to come into our lives. This letting go often leads to an awakening.

Isn’t it time to resolve fear in your life and body?


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