In the world of energy and life force quantum physics, the inner relates to how well the life force energy is organized, flowing and connected. In my practice, I focus on the general organization of the energy fields before I do any deeper work. Using a scientific technology (using my hands), I ask the body if the energy is:

  • flowing forward or is it going backwards draining the person as they exercise or moving through the day?
  • crossing over the body or is it flowing down the body in parallel lines leading to depression, sadness and negativity?
  • able to flow in and out of the crown or is it stuck (which leads to headaches)?
  • scrambled or are the channels between the right and left hemispheres of the brain open and connected?
  • flowing well through the body or is it stuck in the joints?
  • optimized in the diaphragm muscle or is it stuck causing dysregulation of oxygen distribution to the organs?
  • optimized in the ileocecal and Houston valves or is it stuck affecting the opening and closing of these valves leading to disruption in the digestive process?
  • aligned with the earth’s magnetic polarity or is there chaos in the magnetic poles in the field?
  • hooked up through the Central and Governing meridians or disconnected?
  • zipped up or is it vulnerable to outside negativity?
  • balanced in the spleen meridian or is there a deficiency due to stress?

When the energy fields are organized in all these different ways, I am able to work on the deeper issues of the body. Treatments for these deep issues are more likely to be sustained if the energy fields are organized. 

If there is disorganization and chaos in your energy fields, then that produces disorganization and disorder in your life. You are intimately connected to your energies and they affect you every single day in ways that you probably don’t understand.

Your life or what is going on in your environment is a mirror for what is going on in your energy fields. For example, if you have a business, there will chaos and disorganization in your business if your energy fields are disorganized and chaotic. If there is chaos and discordance in your health wealth, and relationships, there is chaos and discordance in your energy fields. The inner produces the outer. 

If something is not working in your life, that means there is disorganization in your energy fields.  If you feel stuck in any way, that means there is a blockage in your energy fields. 

It’s essential for your success in business and your life to get your energy fields organized and to remove the blockages. 

We are all meant to be open vessels where fresh, revitalizing energy from the universe can flow in and out our energy fields. We are not meant to hold onto stagnant, stuck energy. That doesn’t serve us and it blocks us from being our best and contributing at our highest potential. 


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