According to Deepak Chopra, there are seven spiritual laws of success. These are Universal Laws which operate even if you aren’t aware they are affecting your life. I’ve presented information on the Field of Potentiality before but I want to go deeper here. 

This Universal Law of Pure Potentiality is that all possibilities exist. All possibilities are available to each one of us every moment. The universe is a WHOLE complete system. Everything that anyone has achieved has been accomplished by first creating a thought and bringing that thought energy into a physical form. If you believe and understand this concept with a “knowing” in your conscious mind, then you can apply it in your life. You’ll be able to achieve anything you want in life. You can create what you want and experience success without effort in everything you do. 

Our TRUE SELF/DIVINE SELF is of pure potentiality or pure consciousness and aligns with the energy that creates or manifests everything in the universe. We are infinite, unlimited and pure joy-the basic essence of our true nature. According to Deepak, pure potentiality and pure consciousness are the same. Bliss, balance, creativity, silence, knowledge and invincibility are also attributes of pure potentiality. 

The Law of Pure Potentiality is the same as the Law of Unity. The underlying essence of the infinite diversity of life is the unity of the one all-pervasive spirit. No aspect of separation exists between you and this energy. The field of potentiality is your TRUE SELF. The more you understand and resonate with this concept, the closer you are to the Field of Potentiality. 

So many of us want power or to be in control of our lives. This power is not part of potentiality. The power of pure potentiality is absence of fear, lack of need to control, and absence of the need for approval or external power. Your TRUE SELF doesn’t fear challenges, is immune to criticism, and humbly feels equal to all recognizing that ALL are from ONE spirit.

Accessing this Field of Pure Potentiality and applying this law is by spending time in silence, meditation or prayer every day—in non-judgment. This silence or going within connects you to your TRUE SELF and the power of this essence of the universe available for all. Spending time in nature helps you become one with the natural rhythms. Practice just BEING. Experience silence. Let your goals and agendas go. Infinite creativity, peace, freedom and bliss will naturally find you. 

Being aware of your pure potential, you’ll never struggle again. You’ll sense everything is connected to everything else. Stillness allows connection to your true power and ability to manifest what you want. Get connected with the innermost part of you. Accessing your true essence will show you that all relationships are mirrors of your relationship to yourself. Ground yourself in the knowledge of your TRUE SELF. Carry the stillness with you even while in dynamic action of full creativity. 


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