In our physical 3D world, stress and anxiety are the norm and may even be a status of success in business. Being stressed and anxious may help with success short term, but not long term.

As an Energy Medicine Practitioner, the first thing I do for my private clients is to remove stress from their body. The body can store both low and high levels of stress. I work on both. If high level stress is embedded in the physical body for a long time, it causes the organs to start shutting down. Optimal health is no longer a possibility unless the stress and anxiety is cleared.

Stress affects our physiology: mainly the nervous and circulatory (vascular) systems. 

Two aspects of the autonomic nervous system include the sympathetic, and parasympathetic systems. The sympathetic nervous system is turned on in response to stress or a threat. When the stressful state is released, the body relaxes as the parasympathetic mode. 

The sympathetic aspect mediates the neuronal and hormonal responses to activate the flight, fight or freeze mode to prepare the body for intense physical activity. Accelerated heart rate, constricted blood vessels, expanded bronchial passages, increased esophagus peristalsis, dilation of the eyes and increased sweating are physiological results. Blood is shunted to the organs involved in physical activity. Energy, blood and oxygen leave the brain reducing mental clarity. 

The parasympathetic system mediates unconscious actions like “rest and digest” and “feed and breed”. When there is a threat and the sympathetic mode is activated, the parasympathetic functions are turned off; the body can’t support relaxation, digestion or reproduction in a time of danger. 

I detect reactive stress (heightened stress and anxiety) in the body through energy testing, or applied kinesiology. Two systems, Triple Warmer and Circulation/Sex (energy of the heart protector), are imbalanced resulting in reduced or blocked energy flow. It is like a wall of energy to protect the body from the threat.  

The first thing to do to remove the energetic walls, stress and anxiety from the body is to hold the Triple Warmer and Circulation Sex Reactivity Poses.   

Triple Warmer Reactivity Pose:

  1. Put your index fingers on your thumbs.
  2. Put your thumbs in your temples.
  3. Place the other three fingers on the main neuromuscular points on the forehead (right above each eye). Your index fingers should lay flat along the outside of the eye.
  4. Hold for 3-5 minutes or until you feel energy pulses in your fingers.  

Circulation/Sex Reactivity Pose:

  1. Same as the Triple Warmer Reactivity Pose except the middle finger is used instead of the index finger. 

Holding these poses for 3-5 minutes will take you from stress and anxiety to peace and calm. 

The more time you spend in the parasympathetic state of relaxation and peace, the healthier you will be, the better you will feel, the better you will do mentally, the more creative and successful you will be, and the longer you will live.


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