Cancer can be examined at the cellular, molecular, epigenetic and energetic levels. At the cellular level, cancer is a result of cells that have lost the normal cellular regulation. Cancer is a result of cells multiplying without control, which then develop into a mass or tumor. At the molecular level, mutations develop in genes that regulate cell proliferation. Different types of cancers have different genetic mutations. Some mutations affect suppression of cell growth and other mutations affect cell growth. Epigenetics is a new scientific field that studies the level of control above (epi) the genes. Epigenetics was founded based on research demonstrating that the environment (energy) controls the genes and potential disease outcomes. According to Albert Einstein, “everything is energy”. The whole universe is energy and the good news is that energy can control cellular and genetic expression. To get to the core issue of any disease, one must address the underlying energetics of the disease. Energy is easy to shift if you understand the scientific principles of energy.

Cancer is energy. According to Donna Eden (, a pioneer of Energy Medicine who can see energy, the energy of cancer moves faster and is darker than other energies in the body. Within this dark energy is a “cancer cell signal” that aids in the organization and growth of the cancer. The “cancer cell signal” is stronger with higher levels of cancer in the body than lower levels of cancer.

For cancer to develop in a body, three conditions have to be present for the cancer to take hold. These three conditions include:

  • Emotional upset or trauma 1.5 to 2 years before diagnosis
  • De-vitalized or energy-deficient body
  • Breakdown of the immune system and a weakness or vulnerability in the organ or gland

Energy of Emotional Trauma

There is a growing awareness that cancer develops within 2 years of an emotional upset or a tragic event. Emotions and thoughts are energies. Emotional trauma is stressful on the body. If emotional issues are not resolved or released, the emotional energy is stored in the body and energetic field. This energy gets stuck in cells and energy systems such as the meridians. This stored emotional energy blocks the energy flow in the body. Unhealthy energy patterns or unhealthy energy habits result and there is a block in the communication between energy systems. Energy systems can become disconnected and not function in support of the other energy systems. I believe that emotional issues are at the core of all diseases.

Energy-deficient Body

In a body with optimal health, the energy flows freely in and out of the body constantly revitalizing the organs with fresh energy. It is an open system and all energy systems are communicating and supporting each other. As a result, the organs can function optimally. If energy does not flow freely through the body because of a blockage or polarity issue, then the body eventually becomes energy-deficient or de-vitalized. In a de-vitalized body, the organs do not get enough energy and cannot function optimally.

Immune System and Organ Breakdown

As long as the immune system is strong and functioning optimally or effectively, cancer cannot develop in a body. However, the immune system is constantly challenged and bombarded because of stress, malnutrition, toxins, environmental pollutants, and anything affecting the body physically, emotionally or mentally. If the immune system is challenged and compromised for an extended period of time, it will break down. A failure of the natural defenses of the body provides the foundation for cancer to develop. The immune system is the last defense against cells with mutated genes affecting cell proliferation.

Cancer develops in the most vulnerable area of the body. For example, the lung is likely the most vulnerable organ in someone who smokes cigarettes. Energetically, this would manifest as an energetic imbalance- or poor energy flow in the Lung Meridian. A person with hepatitis or compromised liver function has an energetic imbalance in the Liver Meridian. Interestingly, meridians also store emotional energy. The Lung Meridian stores the energy of grief and the Liver Meridian stores the energy of anger. These emotional imbalances affect the flow of meridian energy in the body. Our emotions can make us sick!

Prostrate Cancer

Prostrate cancer is a cancer of uncontrolled growth of cells in the prostrate, a small gland of the male reproductive system. This walnut-sized gland wraps around the urethra, the urination tube. Prostrate cancer usually develops in men over 50 years of age. The prostrate may be vulnerable due to exposure to Agent Orange, over use of alcohol, high fat diets (especially animal fat), and/or obesity. Prostrate cancer may be an occupational hazard of farmers, tire plant workers, painters, or cadmium users.

Three Ways to Protect Yourself from Prostrate Cancer

  1. Keep the whole body healthy.
    (a). Ensure that each organ is supplied with balanced energy flow so the organ/gland is not energetically depleted or over-energized. The best way to protect yourself from developing prostrate cancer is to keep the whole body energetically balanced by engaging the services and expertise of an Energy Medicine Practitioner.
    (b). Ensure that the diaphragm is functional. The diaphragm, the large muscle used in breathing, regulates dispersal of oxygen throughout the body. An energized, strong and open diaphragm will help prevent cancer. Cancer can’t survive in a well-oxygenated body.
    (c). Keep the level of sugar low in the body. Sugar feeds cancer cells.
  2. Strengthen the immune system.
    (a). Optimize the energy flow of the meridians that support the immune system, especially the Triple Warmer and Spleen Meridians. Keep the energy flowing to the thymus.
  3. Optimize the energy flow in the Kidney and Spleen Meridians.
    (a). Specific conditions associated with prostrate cancer include deficient energy in the Kidney and Spleen meridians. Of all the meridians, these two meridians are most responsible for the body’s vitality. When energy-depleted, these meridians cannot support the prostrate and disease can develop.
    (b). Interestingly, the Kidney Meridian stores the energy of fear and Spleen Meridian holds the energy of worry. Balancing the energy flow in these two meridians will release fear and worry energetically. Resolving and releasing fear and worry in your life would greatly enhance the ability to ward off prostrate cancer.

Take action today! Energy Medicine is an uncommon solution to common problems. Make sure that each organ has balanced energy flow so it can function optimally. Strengthen your immune system! Contact me today for an energy balancing session to optimize the energy flow to the prostrate and all your organs. This type of energy work leads to optimal energy flow and optimal health for your mind, body and spirit.



Dr. Anne M. Deatly, previously a research scientist, is an advanced Energy Medicine Practitioner and Director of E Quantum Breakthroughs ( E Quantum Breakthroughs’ mission is to use energy to help people break through or transcend the barriers that limit them from living and achieving at their highest potential. Don’t waste another day to transform your health, wealth, relationships and happiness.