There are seven major Universal Laws that govern every aspect of the universe. Because of these laws, the universe exists in harmony. The Law of Polarity, one of these seven, is always operating. The Universal Law of Polarity states there is an equal and opposite to everything. Nothing exists alone. Remember Sir Issac Newton’s law that any action has an equal and opposite reaction? Forces exist as pairs or opposites. This quote from Hiram Pagan, may help you understand the Universal Law of Polarity:

“Everything can be separated into two wholly opposite parts, and that each of those still contains the potentiality of the other.” 

It is actually impossible to have one part without the other opposite (and equal) aspect. This Universal Law is in alignment with Yin and Yang – a philosophy that opposites coexist to create the balance of the universe. Why is this so? Simply, the  purpose of the universe is equilibrium and synchronicity

Every event or situation just is. We each make it negative or positive by how we choose to think about it. If we are thinking negatively, we can change our perspective and see the positive. We create our lives from our thoughts and beliefs. 

This is good news, especially in this time of COVID-19. If you’re experiencing fear and anxiety during this time of social distancing to stop the spread of the virus, then be heartened to learn this event exists with its equal and opposite. Let’s call the COVID-19 event fear and anxiety. The opposite is freedom and joy or courage and peace. According to the Universal Law of Polarity, these positive emotional states exist with the fear and anxiety of COVID-19. 

However, if you’re deeply immersed in the fear and anxiety, you won’t experience the freedom and joy or courage and peace. For every reason you feel sad or depressed, there’s going to be a reason to also be happy.This is a universal law. 

Every time you allow yourself to feel an emotion, you also create the equal experience of the opposite. One-sidedness is an illusion. If you realize your negative thoughts aren’t the truth, then you’ll be able to open to what the universe is really showing you. The universe is a completely balanced system equilibrated because of Divine order.

If you’re able to perceive both sides of a situation (positive and negative), you’ll witness the divine perfection and balance of the universe. 

When you understand the Law of Polarity, you can apply it and align ourselves with it. Use it to your advantage and benefit. Only then, you will transform the way you think, do and how you are BEING in every area of life. Your potential in this life is way beyond the 3D programming. 

Are you ready to imagine a new way of BEING that’s in alignment with the Divine order of the universe?


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