The String Theory relates to the foundation of all life. Physicists have discovered there are loops, filaments or strings of energy that vibrate within subatomic particles. Their pattern of vibration or the shape of the string is different in the different subatomic particles; protons, electrons and quarks, for example. Therefore, the different frequencies produce the different particles or all particles arise from different frequencies.

Since atoms and subatomic particles are the basic building blocks of everything in the universe, then everything is energy. Everything vibrates at one frequency or another. 

The string theory is still a theory. But physicists believe that when the string theory is more clearly defined (and that may take some time), it will lead to the Unified Theory of Everything. The Unified Theory of Everything is what Albert Einstein was working on when he died.

As it stands right now, the vibrating strings of energy are the basic foundation of life since they are in everything in the universe. The filaments or vibrating strings are what causes the unification of all things. 

The String Theory has also led the discovery of extra dimensions (more than the 3 dimensions we exist in and can see). 

So these concepts point to an understanding of how the universe really works. Today, it’s beyond our wildest imagination. Our imagination may be limited but the possibilities are without limits. This time we are living in is extremely exciting because we’re discovering more of the “unknown”. We know there are answers out there but will we be able to measure what we need to measure to be sure of the answers? I believe these extra dimensions will help answer the deepest questions in science.

Physicists are working to figure all this out. But even though we don’t have all the answers yet, we can take what information there is and apply it to our lives. I believe the more we know, the wiser we are. The wiser we are, the more we can use the information or the wisdom in our everyday lives. 

What can you do with this String Theory wisdom? 

Knowing about the String Theory should help you understand that energy healing is based on scientific principles. Not all the scientific principles have been discovered yet. But if you understand the foundation of everything in the universe is energy, then you may be able to “see” that to change what we need to change in our lives has to be addressed at the energetic level to actually have a permanent result.  

If you or someone you know wants to make changes in their life, contact me. I will guide you to shift life patterns at the energetic level. You may need to change your thoughts, beliefs and feelings to allow new situations, people and opportunities to flow into your life.  At the same time, you’ll learn Universal Laws that will empower you to apply different strategies to create the life you really want. As a result, you’ll feel joy and peace. This could be the most significant journey of your life!


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