Figure 8

The Figure 8 is an essential structure in the energy body. It is known as the Celtic Weave in the Aura. The Celtic Weave is actually one of the 9 energy systems that make up the energy body. The Celtic Weave has an extremely important function for the energy body. It acts to connect or interconnect all nine energy systems together. It is like a basket weave. That means if an energy healer works on your chakras, for example, then all other 8 systems get the benefit as well since the energy changes are integrated into the whole energy body. The Celtic Weave looks like a sideways Figure 8 or an infinity sign in the Aura. The Celtic Weave adds structure to the Aura. The Celtic Weave is the most predominant structure in the Aura. The more Figure 8s you have in your Aura, the healthier you are and the better the Aura can function. 

A flimsy hole-ridden Aura would have a difficult time filtering out the negative and a difficult time magnetizing the positive for you. Therefore, we need a lot of structure in our Auras for these essential functions to be optimal. 

A Figure 8 is also a symbol of equal giving and receiving. In this 3D programming, we have learned it is better to give than receive. However, if you only give, then you are not able to receive. This is a universe of balance and harmony. If you give and give, then you surely will develop a deficiency and eventually become depleted. You being depleted doesn’t help anyone- especially you and however is used to you giving to them. You cease to be able to help others, especially your family. This imbalance would lead to illness and disease. 

Figure 8 and polarity. 

Your whole energy body has a polarity. When in alignment with the earth’s polarity, your head is a north polarity and your feet are a south polarity. We are like magnets and we have magnetic energy in our energy bodies. Besides the head and feet, every organ, muscle, and point on our bodies have polarities. Every cell has a polarity. 

If energy is not moving well in the body, we (energy medicine practitioners) check the polarity of the localized area to see if the energetic block is due to irregular energy or a polarity that is not aligned with the earth’s polarity.  We test for polarity with our hands. The top of our hands represent the north pole and the palm-side of our hands represent the south pole. We get a strong energy test when we test the organ, muscle, or point if we use the south side of our hands. We get a weak response if we test with the north side of our hand. 

When in doubt, do a Figure 8. 


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