You have a magnificent and extraordinary potential that you probably haven’t really tapped into. This incredible potential is very different from brain power, This power of potentiality controls the mind— it is your energy life force. Let’s call it your Field of Potentiality.

The Field of Potentiality includes everything you want to create in your life. Every possible desire or desired outcome exists for you in any and every given moment. This Field of Potentiality is where you create your life the way you want it. 

Do you realize you are the creator of your life?  When you understand YOU are the creator of your life, not circumstances, then you have the power to create something that is amazingly different from the life you’re now living. This is all based on science and Universal Laws. 

I know you must be interested in tapping into this Field of Potentiality to improve your health, wealth, relationships and circumstances. Here are 5 truths that will enhance your ability to step into your Field of Potentiality.  

5 Truths of The Field of Potentiality:

You must:

  1. believe you can have the desire 
  2. align with the desire
  3. see yourself receiving the desire
  4. match the desire’s energetic vibration
  5. detach from receiving the desire
  1. Believing you can have what you desire.

Believing you deserve and are worthy of receiving what you desire is key to receiving it. If you believe you don’t deserve it or you are unworthy to receive it, this will block its receipt. 

2. Aligning with the desire.

Your conscious (physical world), subconscious (soul or essence) and superconscious (Higher Self) must all be aligned to receive that desire. Any incongruence to what you desire causes chaotic energy which is fear-based-and would block you’re receiving it.

3.  Seeing yourself receiving the desire. 

One can only receive what one sees himself/herself receiving. The brain does not know the difference between imagination and reality. Therefore, visualizing the receipt of the desire will help you receive what you want.

4.  Matching the energetic frequency of the desire.

Based on Quantum Physics, one only attracts people, situations, events, opportunities at the same vibrational frequency of his/her own energy body. This is the Universal Law of Attraction. Removing low vibrational frequencies or blocks in your energy field is key to connecting to your Field of Potentiality. Your desires don’t come to you, they come through you. Attracting and receiving depends on your energy frequency.  

5.  Detaching from receiving the desire.

Desperation and neediness are low energies that will block receipt of the desire. You can have the desire if you aren’t attached to receiving it! If you are playful with receiving the desire, then it is easier to detach from the desire.

I hope you create the life you want now!


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