One of the nine energy systems that comprises our energy body is called the Five Rhythms. The five rhythms include water, wood, fire, earth, and metal (according to Donna Eden). These rhythms are metaphors for different stages of life, seasons, time of day and stages of growth.

The rhythm of water represents death and birth, the winter season, night, and gestation.

Water represents inspiration, motion, and transformation. It’s important for our growth to learn the lessons of our lives and transform. It’s most important to evolve our souls and uplift the frequency of our state of consciousness as well as universal consciousness.

It’s hard to figure out what we’ve learned and what life teaches us if we don’t slow down and contemplate. If we don’t contemplate and sort things out, water can overpower us. Just like looking up from underwater and seeing the world as confused and murky; less defined. It’ hard to discern what’s real and what’s delusion.

In winter, the energy moves slowly because the water turns to ice when temperatures are low. The water slows down for us to be less active. Water slows down for us to go inward. Winter represents a time of hibernation. Snow days in the east coast help us to hibernate and go within. It is a time of introspection. It can be a time of growth if we take the opportunity to slow our lives down and contemplate. Night also represents slowing down, learning from the day and preparing for the next day. The stage of life is gestation; we are ready to birth something new.

We need to let go of what has happened in the past or it will keep us in the past. We have to break through all barriers to achieve our highest potential.

Contemplate the past year and the new year ahead. What did we learn from the previous year? What would we do differently in each of our lives? How do we want to grow and evolve this year?

The life cycle stage of water is both death and birth. What in your life needs to go or die? What needs to be born anew or re-born? If we’re growing and learning lessons necessary for our life’s mission, new opportunities will open up for us naturally.

The theme for people with water as their primary rhythm is “beginnings” and “searching deeply for the truth”. Honesty is water’s greatest virtue.

So let’s hibernate or go inward this winter. Let’s contemplate where we have been and where we want to go. This introspection is important to be clear about who we really are and what we are here to do in this world. Let’s figure out what’s essential to us and for us. Let’s follow the path of essentialism and not get caught up with other people’s agendas.