What is the True Self? Some may call it the Soul, Higher Self, Eternal Self or Divine Self. All are correct! It doesn’t matter what we call it; it’s still the same thing. It is the part of us that has been hidden or ignored because we don’t understand it. It represents our highest potential. The True Self transcends all understanding but we have to know it is within us and is us.

We weren’t raised to know our True Self. We were programmed to exist in this stress-filled, competitive world to conquer over others to get the “carrot” of earning more money, having fame or recognition and winning. This is our false self. Our false self is the ego or the part of us that is limited in the 3D earthly programming of restriction and judgment. Our false self wants money, fame and victory over others. 

When we remove our blocks and our false selves, the True Self becomes more accessible to us. Our True Self is our wisest self and knows what our mission for this lifetime at the time of incarnation. 

Our True Self knows love and compassion is flowing through us and around us and helps us connect to those high frequencies more often.

This flow of love and compassion most likely is the “force” from the Star War movies, We must let this force flow to us and in us.

We are able to be who we are meant to BE when connected to our True Self. Our True Self is our guide, our mentor for a higher way of BEING in the world.

Life is about discovering the True Self. Life is about BEING the True Self. Life is about discarding or shedding our false self. Life is the journey to choose the right path and to evolve our soul.

Discovery, growth and expansion is our truest journey. 

Let go and surrender all the shadow selves and falseness that was programmed into our beings as small children. Let go and BE your True Self. That was our ultimate intention when you decided to incarnate at this time. 

If we don’t know our True Self yet, then we may have limiting beliefs and unresolved emotional issues blocking us from discovering our True Self. It is time to release what is blocking us from connecting to that divine part of us. Having our True Self guide us in life means we can’t make mistakes. We are our best self and living our best life. Our True Self will lead us to love, peace and joy. It’s a different way of being, doing and having. We are able to make the changes in the world that we deem necessary and important. We can be the change we want to see in the world (Mahatma Gandhi).

Isn’t time to let go and surrender to be your True Self and BE more than you could ever imagine?


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