Understanding life at a higher consciousness means we embrace ALL that happens to us as a gift. We acknowledge everything in life/business is happening for our best and highest good We welcome and embrace what happens as opportunities to grow.

Let me illustrate this concept with several scenarios as metaphors for life (insight from Larry Siegel).

Scenario #1: Imagine a creek bed with no rocks. The water is clear and you can see the bottom. The creek makes no sound. It’s perfectly quiet and peaceful.

Scenario #2: The creek has very little water and is filled with large and small rocks of all shapes and sizes. The water struggles as it slowly moves through all the obstacles. The sound of the water is muted because there are too many rocks to move around.

Scenario #3: The creek has a lot of water and there are a few rocks spread out on the creek bed. Some rocks are large and some small. The water gurgles happily as it moves easily through the rocks.

What scenario represents the best life?

First, let me explain what each component represents. The water is inspiration (or Divine guidance). The rocks are obstacles or challenges in our lives. The sound represents energy flow. The movement is about transformation.

In scenario 1, the creek without rocks represents an easy life without challenges. It represents peace. If we are only at peace, we aren’t able to grow. Everything is status quo. Smooth sailing. No problems. No growth. We come to the 3D world as physical beings to complete a mission which involves learning lessons to help us grow and most importantly to evolve our souls. 

In scenario 2, there are too many rocks, the water or inspiration has trouble getting through. The problems, obstacles and challenges dominate us. We get stuck. The water is trying to help us, but it can’t move —there are too many blocks. Without movement, there is no transformation.

In scenario 3, there’s an abundance of water guiding us through the path of rocks and obstacles. We meet each obstacle one at a time. We learn what we need to and we grow. The water flows easily and gurgles in joy as we follow the guidance and transform from our lives.The rocks are gifts for us to grow and evolve. Some of the bigger rocks or bigger challenges have gems embedded in them representing golden opportunities or significant shifts.

We need challenges to help us develop, grow and fulfill our mission in life. It’s the ratio of rocks to the amount of water in the creek that’s important. It’s our ability to meet one challenge at a time head on with joy to learn the lessons that help us grow and evolve. The challenges are gifts.

Learn how to embrace challenges.

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