I am passionate about my new business and my new life. Having a big bold brazen challenge that engages your heart, soul and mind has magnified my energy. Being energized and charged about my life and contribution makes an amazing difference in how I show up in the world. The bigger my challenge or dream, the greater the motivating life force available to accomplish my bold, audacious dream!

At the end of 2011, I left a 21-year career as a PhD Virologist in Vaccines Research to start a new business called Optimal Health and Wellness Center, LLC. After witnessing the love of my life died from cancer that spread from his colon throughout his body, I decided to study how to be healthy. I wanted to learn a standard for health way beyond the minimum. I wanted to discover how to be optimally healthy! The fire and passion was burning in my heart to learn all that I could and apply it to my own life so I could teach others!

At the core of optimal health and wellness for me is Energy Medicine, a field of study that I embarked on two years before leaving my scientific career. When I first set out to establish my business, I envisioned the Optimal Health and Wellness Center, LLC to be entirely focused on the holistic health modality of Energy Medicine.

What I didn’t realize is how much this radical career change would transform me personally. My ideas and dreams planted as seeds are blossoming. Parts of me, dormant from lack of use, are awakening to a whole new world. I am wholly engaged in my new challenge. A new fire is burning in my heart and soul. My life is newly charged and energized. I am living more fully! I’m open to learn everything about energy and consciousness and how to create the life of my dreams.

Observing these personal changes made me realize that Energy Medicine is a means not only to optimal health but also to radiant living. When my energy systems are balanced and flowing in harmony, I feel terrific. I feel joy to my core. I feel joy in my heart and soul. When I am optimally healthy with harmonious energy flowing in the ten different energy systems of my energy body, I am literally vibrating at a higher frequency. At this higher vibration, I feel so empowered and unstoppable that I am producing and living at a higher potential than ever before. Love and joy are the most powerful forces in the universe. Living radiantly, sharing love and joy, is my ultimate hope for everyone. Living radiantly is now the focus of the Optimal Health and Wellness Center, LLC.

Living radiantly has empowered me to challenge myself to a higher level of dreams for my life and for my business. I recently embarked on a journey to discern not just my life’s purpose, but also my soul’s purpose. I am on a journey of enlightenment. I am surrendering every step of the way. Every step is inspired. I know that people and situations come into my life as new opportunities to learn, grow and develop. I live in gratitude and in abundance. I feel surrounded and embraced by grace and positive energy. I feel supported and affirmed. It is exciting to be present to each new step. It is freeing to surrender totally trusting this new path will lead to discovery and growth. Anything is possible! Everything happens for the greater good!

Live radiantly!