Universal Laws explain that we create what happens in our lives. We create our own reality. This concept may sound confusing, especially if we are trying to transform some aspect of our life that makes us unhappy or is a struggle. Then why would we create more of what upsets us and causes disharmony in our life?

The answer is simple-it’s Karma.

Making decisions or agreements in an analogical state of mind (emotional trauma or shock) fractures off our soul’s energy and creates twisted patterns in our fields called karmic imprints. These energetic imprints cannot process light and frequency properly. Karmic imprints are like re-wiring the electrical system in a house in reverse. The lights are dim and there is a limited number of lights turned on.

Karma is created at the soul level as a result of our choices. Everything around us we’ve created by choice. We actually live in a self-correcting system. Every choice, every thought has a consequence. Choices are actually stored in our Akashic record, in DNA, in cell memory in our body, and at every level of our mind. Every thought becomes a morphogenetic imprint within the frequency bands of our consciousness.

Karma is an example of the consequences of the Universal Law of Cause and Effect and is happening all the time—every single moment. Our thoughts create our morphogenetic field or frequency. Our thoughts plus the thoughts from everybody else are mixed together to make the collective conscious. Our thoughts are magnetic! So our one thought is magnetized by other thoughts in the universe (of the same frequency). If we have negative thoughts, we attract negative results. If we have positive thoughts, we attract positive results.

Clearing Karmic imprints results in returning the essence of who we are by removing these twisted energetic patterns. In addition, all fractured soul fragments return to our soul level and we begin to feel more like ourselves.

Examples of Karmic imprints we can clear:

  • unwanted repetitive behavior
  • attracting the same type of person in a relationship that doesn’t fulfill our needs
  • poverty conscious or lack mentality
  • guilt and shame
  • worthlessness and un-deservedness
  • victimization
  • martyrdom

Karma clearing is the most important
(blockage) to clear from our soul energy.

Removing these Karmic imprints or energetic blocks raises our frequency. When our frequency increases, the low-frequency people, places, times and events will fall out of our hologram or field. Karma clearing is the most important (blockage) to clear from our soul energy. The more we clear, the more light we can accrete and embody. By clearing karmic imprints, past experiences turn into golden nuggets of wisdom or spiritual wisdom. Clearing Karmic imprints is a process of spiritual evolution.

Do you want to clear repetitive patterns that do not serve you? Do you want to attract the type of relationship that feeds your soul and brings you joy and fulfillment? Do you want to remove poverty consciousness or lack mentality so you can increase your income?