Being grounded is the only way to be “present” and create the life you want. That means we have to feel safe. When we feel unsafe and vulnerable, we become ungrounded. What “ungrounded” means is we’ve lost our energetic connection to the earth or the ground. Our energy body is not totally in our physical body. It is not connected to the ground. We are actually disconnected energetically within ourselves and disconnected from others.

Symptoms of being ungrounded include dizziness, spacing out, lacking focus, not fitting in, noise and light sensitivity, daydreaming, heart palpitations, getting sick often, clumsiness, forgetfulness, feelings of stress and anxiety, having trouble staying asleep, detached from the awareness of your physical body and the world around you.

Two ways to test for grounding is to determine the:

  1. polarity of the whole energy body
  2. ability for energy to be pulled up from the ground into the bottom of the feet

The Polarity of the Whole Body 

The whole body polarity really is the polarity of the aura. In this way, humans are like magnets. In our healthiest state, we have different polarities at our heads and feet. To be in alignment with the earth’s polarity, our head should be north and our feet should be south. But sometimes the polarity of our energies gets flipped and our head is magnetically south and our feet are north. In that case, what happens is our energies are actually repelled by the earth. Since the surface of the earth is north and your feet are north, then the earth repels your energies and the energies move out of the physical body. Our energy field is suspended. 

To correct this aspect of grounding, we can use a stainless steel spoon on the bottom of your feet. Rub the curved portion all over your feet and toes. This “spooning” corrects the chaotic spinning of the electrons and the electrons are aligned and able to communicate with each other. Other natural ways to ground ourselves include walking barefoot in wet grass or on a sandy beach, hugging a tree or standing with your back against a tree, holding a plant, visualizing roots growing from the bottom of our feet. 

Strong Attraction Between the Earth and Feet

If the bottoms of the feet are open to receive the energy and the feet are south, then new, revitalizing energies are naturally pulled up in the body by the strong magnetic attraction between the earth and feet. 

To correct if the feet are not open to accept new energy, circle your hands about 18 inches from the bottoms of your feet counterclockwise if you are female and clockwise if you are male. You can also weave sideways Figure 8s (the infinity sign) on the bottoms of the feet. 

If you or someone you know wants to focus on grounding so you can be in the present moment, please contact me (, 201-925-1046).

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