Being in the present moment, fully grounded and centered helps to allow our life to unfold naturally. Too much of our lives is spent in fear of the present and non-existent future. So much that we really are NOT living life. Life is only experienced in the moment. 

Fear of the unknown prevents us from living in the present moment. Fear is based on uncertainty, lack of faith and trust and the feeling of separation. On the flip side of fear is fear of success. When we are transforming our lives, new opportunities open for us sometimes scaring us into a higher potential. Sometimes we can take the leap or the next step and sometimes we cannot. 

Fear sometimes paralyzes us so we cannot move forward no matter how much we want the unknown life-enhancing opportunity. Fear of moving forward is closely entangled with the fear of growing into our potential will both change us irrevocably and force us to face situations for which we aren’t ready. 

Our Higher Self is our divine self and is always guiding us to accomplish our main purpose for this life. If we are paying attention to the inspiration within us, we know what we need to do. It is hard to pay attention because of all the noise and demands in our lives. Sometimes, it is hard to just maintain what needs to get done in the present, let alone think of what else we could be doing for the future that may resonate more strongly within our core. 

Even if we are paying attention and know what we could be doing to be in alignment with our Higher Self’s mission, then we still may not be able to step forward with courage and face the challenges of a new adventure, This may be because we have a self-limiting belief that we aren’t good enough or we are unworthy. We may have a self-limiting belief that we don’t deserve success or we may have a lack of belief in ourselves. These limiting beliefs come from events in our childhood that we interpreted incorrectly. These beliefs are part of our subconscious and still regulating our life without us being aware. These beliefs represent the wall between us and our important mission for this life 

What I recommend is:

  • let go of the fear by facing it 
  • release self-limiting beliefs that are holding you back
  • listen to your Higher Self
  • understand the Higher Self will give you step by step guidance 
  • make adjustments at your own pace

What is even more fear producing is not accomplishing your mission for your life. If you don’t fulfill it, the consequences are far more challenging than the present challenges of making the changes now. You don’t want to relive this life with all its challenges, do you?

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