Whenever we’re in fear, we’re resisting something. Resisting something we fear makes sense, right? But resistance to anything is what keeps us stuck. It keeps us paralyzed and in confusion. Confusion is what our subconscious mind wants. The subconscious doesn’t want us to change, grow, or transform.Status quo all the way for the subconscious.

The subconscious is that part of our mind that represents our 7 year old self. It’s the programming of our brain before we developed filters and ability to discern. Our mind was like a sponge to learn at full capacity. We were learning in every moment— whether playing or in school. Everything we experienced went in as fact and then regulates us for the rest of our life—unless we change the programming. 

The problem with this sponge-like quality is when someone we trust and love says something negative about us. Negative statements go into the subconscious and play over and over for the rest of our lives. Do we want to be guided by a subconscious that’s programmed that we’re bad, undeserving, unlovable, or aren’t good enough?

When we become adults, we don’t remember these negative statements. So how do you we identify our subconscious programming? We must pay attention to our behaviors and where we are stopping. We must pay attention and analyze what we’re resisting when we are stuck or in fear. 

Mot likely, we have shame/guilt controlling us. That’s what we’re resisting. Shame/guilt are tactics used by parents/caretakers to control us. Do you resonate with this statement,”I am doing all this for you? This statement sounds like a victim sacrificing their life for our benefit. How do we react as a child when we hear this statement? We react by trying to please, trying to be extra good to make up for the sacrifice of the caretaker. This behavior is a pattern we develop in childhood and follows us to adulthood. 

How do you think that resistance acts in other areas of your life? Like a business? Anything that we do for our benefit or to be happy is challenged by this guilt embedded in our subconscious. 

What if we heard from our caretaker, “Who do you think you are?” How easy would it be for us to step into our full potential and take risks to actually carry out our specific purpose and mission in life? 

This purpose of this awareness is not to blame our caretakers. Our caretakers were probably also shamed/guilted into obedience. This is what they learned from their caretakers. 

I’m suggesting we realize why we’re stopping from being our best. Knowing this consciously will help us reprogram our patterns and habits without shame and guilt. 

Shame/guilt also resulted in our lack of security. Security is high on the list of hierarchy of needs after air and water. If we don’t feel secure, we learn dependence, not independence. This all stems from lack mentality. Lack mentality leads to fear. 

Shame/guilt->resistance->patterns and roles to please->lack of security->fear.  

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