Fear in our energy fields holds us back in a myriad of profound ways. One way is fear inhibits us from making decisions. We are blocked from knowing what’s best for us. Instead of moving toward something for our best and highest good, we focus on avoiding what isn’t good for us. Being directed toward the positive is very different from running away from the negative.

Our energy frequencies determine what opportunities we magnetize into our lives. We are primarily energy beings containing magnetic energy systems. We magnetize frequencies similar to the vibration of our energy fields. This is the essence of the Universal Law of Cause and Effect. 

The Universal Law of Cause and Effect is also a scientific principle—for every action there is a corresponding reaction. 

How does the Universal Law of Cause and Effect apply to our day to day lives?

As RC Barker explains in The Power of Decision: A Step-By Step Program to Overcome Indecision and Live Without Failure, “an unintelligent use of the mind can only create an unintelligent result.” The opposite is also true. An intelligent mind can only create an intelligent result. This concept can also be applied to fear— a fearful mind can only create a fearful result. A fearful mind can only make decisions in fear. This is a scientific principle. 

RC Barker uses the example of the sun and a shadow to clarify this concept. We wouldn’t blame the sun for a shadow. A shadow is caused by a person or object blocking the sun’s rays. 

In the same way, fear is an obstruction in thinking. Fear is not letting life force energy flow through us in the high vibrations supporting our best and highest good. 

“Divine Intelligence never has created a problem for any of its creations.” (RC Barker). If we understand we are all connected to the Divine Intelligence of the Universe or universal consciousness, we understand everything is available to each of us in every moment. If it is available to one of us, it is available to ALL of us. 

Anything is possible. Everything is possible.

Standing with our backs against the sun, we can see our shadows; standing with our face to the sun, we can’t see our shadows. If the shadow isn’t in our awareness, the shadow isn’t real to us.

Fear is like a shadow in our lives. We don’t see the Intelligence and, therefore, our decisions are misaligned with our best and highest good. 

The message here is to let FEAR go. We must not let FEAR block our sun and opportunities to be our best and highest selves. If we could only imagine what our fear is blocking from coming into our existence, it would be easier to let fear go.

Let’s live in our wildest imagination of what divine intelligence could work through us to bring more of the higher vibrations of joy, love and peace —not only to us —but to the world.


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