If you are feeling fatigued, exhausted or run-down, it’s likely your electrical energy needs to be revitalized. The Electrics is one of your 9 energy systems in your body. Actually, there is an electrical thread that runs through ALL 9 systems. So if your electrical energy is low, it will affect all 9 energy systems in their ability to support you for radiant, vibrant health.

The Electrics energy system is mainly responsible for supporting the heart and the nervous system. The heart is the most electric organ. That’s why medical doctors evaluate the health of your heart with EKGs or electrocardiograms. It is the electrical component of the heart that indicates the health and resilience of the heart tissue and organ. 

The nervous system is essentially the body’s wiring of the electrical system. The nerves and neurons transmit electrical impulses between different parts of the body. Nerves, neurons and axons are specialized to help conduct the electrical currents through the body. This electrical energy is the way the nervous system sends signals or impulses between the body and brain. Electrical energy enables us to move, think and even feel emotions. 

Where do we get electrical energy in our energy bodies? The answer may surprise you—it’s the earth. Lightning storms are a major way to replenish the electrical energy of the earth. 

When we walk barefoot outside and are in direct contact with the earth, we pull up energy into the bottoms of our feet mainly in a point called the Well Spring in the ball of your foot. Wearing shoes (most of the time) prevents this direct contact with the earth and pulling energy up into our energy bodies- especially electrical energy. We may also pull energy up into our feet (maybe not electrical energy) by walking barefoot on hardwood floors. It’s an energy-activating process to walk barefoot on a floor created from something in nature, Floors created from synthetic or unnatural sources don’t help activate our energies. 

Another way to revitalize our electrical energy is to put 1 or 2 hands over the back of our heads right below where the head and neck meet. This area contains the two main electric points in the body. These points are on the Bladder meridian which governs the nervous system. The Bladder meridian runs along the spinal column on the body to help support the nervous system.

Hold the area of the main electrical points for several minutes to activate or revitalize the Electrics system —but not more than 5 minutes. There are several exercises like this that can be used to revitalize the Electrics. Once you have revitalized the Electrics system, then you can get a deep healing Electrics session from a certified practitioner. These revitalizing and deep healing sessions focused on your electrical energy does wonders for reducing fatigue, depletion and exhaustion in the body.


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