In the US, over a million adults are diagnosed each year with chronic neurological issues. Shocking scientific research indicates a sharp increase in deaths due to dementia and other neurological disorders in people under 74. The most significant alarming observation was these disorders are increasing for people under 55 years. One list of neurologic disorders listed 39 different disorders including Alzheimer’s, stroke, Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis, anxiety, bipolar disorder, ALS, depression, cerebral palsy, Huntington’s Disease, migraines/cluster headaches, and epilepsy to name a few.

To function optimally, the brain must have the proper amount of energy flowing to each area of the brain as well as between the different areas of the brain. Neurologic issues develop when the brain is disorganized and/or not communicating with the rest of the body. I will focus on examples of general organization of energy flow, the ability of the endocrine glands to produce hormones or messengers, and how well the different parts of the brain are connected for communication.

Energy Organization

In my energy medicine practice, I start each private session by testing clients for the general organization of their energy fields.  One of these tests indicates whether the right and left brain hemispheres are communicating. If the energy test indicates poor energy flow, we can easily correct this issue with an exercise called Wayne Cook.  Wayne Cook was a stutterer and developed the exercise to correct his stuttering -likely caused by an energetic disconnection between the brain hemispheres. This correction results in mental clarity and benefits ADD, ADHD, and dyslexia issues. The exercise is simple and anyone can do it sitting, standing or lying down.  (There are YouTube videos available).

Energy Flow to the Endocrine Glands

At deeper levels of brain optimization are protocols that increase the energy flow to the different endocrine glands in the brain. This is achieved by placing your fingers or hands over different areas of the brain for several minutes. The result is that energy to the endocrine glands improves hormone production.  The hormones are one way that the brain communicates with the organs the body. 

Energetic Brain Connections

To improve communication among the different areas of the brain, you can hold your fingers over specific areas of the brain to open the channels for energy to flow between the areas. The brain communicates with different organs, glands or muscles in two ways::

  • by sending electrical impulses along the axons of neurons
  • releasing specific neurotransmitters

When the channels are open between the different areas of the brain, electrical impulses and neurotransmitters are optimized.

If you or someone you know has neurological issues, it would be worthwhile to get your brain revitalized to improve the communication of the brain with the organs and muscles it regulates!  Energy Medicine in an uncommon solution for common problems. and it works by tapping into the innate intelligence of the body to heal itself. I can teach you how to connect specific parts of the brain, reduce stress in the brain and the body, and re-energize your brain with simple energy techniques!

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