Anxiety, overwhelm, and stress represent imbalances in the Triple Warmer energy system. If you’re holding onto emotional issues, your body will hold onto stress and excess weight. If you don’t take care of the energies of stress and anxiety, then it will be very difficult to lose weight.  

Let go of emotional issues to be free, healthy and happy.

What is Triple Warmer?

Triple Warmer is an energy system responsible for your safety and survival. It has the ability to conscript energy from any other system except the heart to keep you safe and protected. Triple Warmer functions as a meridian and a radiant circuit (joy generator). Triple Warmer meridian and Triple Warmer radiant circuit need to be balanced for you to be healthy and resilient to stress.

When you are stressed, Triple Warmer meridian is over-energized or on alert. Usually, the radiant circuit aspect of Triple Warmer is out of balance with Triple Warmer meridian. Since most of us are in constant stress,Triple Warmer remains activated and this over-energized state may become your normal state of living/being. While it may seem normal, it isn’t a healthy state. One side effect- among many- is we gain weight. Holding onto excess pounds causes all our organs to work harder and struggle to perform their functions.

Here are a few ways to calm and balance Triple Warmer to release stress and excess weight. This isn’t an overnight fix. These exercises will help Triple Warmer to develop a new habit of being in balance. New energy habits take time especially if you have been in stress for years. Do these exercises daily with consistency and over time you’ll see results. In addition, bring more joy in your life. Doing things that make you happy releases stress.  

Living without stress and being healthy is a choice.

Five exercises to balance Triple Warmer energy:

1. Trace Triple Warmer meridian backwards to remove excess energy. Start at your temple and trace behind the ear, across the top of the shoulder, then down the arm and off the ring finger. Repeat on the other side. 

2. Activate Triple Warmer Radiant Circuit to help balance both aspects of Triple Warmer. Hold around the back of each ear to activate the radiant aspect of Triple Warmer (3-5 minutes). 

3. Triple Warmer/Spleen Hug– Put one hand right above the elbow and put the other hand on the side of your body where your rib cage ends. You’re holding points on Triple Warmer and Spleen meridians to connect and balance the energy between them. Triple Warmer often conscripts energy from Spleen meridian. 

4. Hold Triple Warmer neurovascular points at the temples for 3- 5 minutes.

5. Hold the Triple Warmer Reactivity Pose to release heightened stress. Put your index fingers on your thumbs, put your thumbs in your temples. Put your other fingers on the forehead above each eye. Hold for 3-5 minutes. 

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