I would have say that while I ‘understand’ and appreciate the concepts of Energy Medicine, the reality is almost a mystery.  In explanation, I am a healthy well-adjusted person, I happily live each day but have many stressful areas in my life that I sometimes allow to affect my confidence and stress me out.  I went to the energy workshop hoping to improve my inner strength.  During one session (and during a particularly vulnerable time in my life) it was discovered that my chakra is under stress and not “optimum”.  After a process of reconditioning that ‘center’ I felt quite confident in who I am.  The daily exercises allow me to strength my inner core and my self-confidence is once again strong.  I have been able to not just endure stressful situations but excel and take charge of stressful situations in my life.  I have found my inner voice and have the tools to stay strong even in times or situations that seek to tear me down.