Everybody has blockages in their energy fields which prevent them from being, doing or having what they want in life and/or business. I see a lot of people with money issues. They won’t get the help they need because it costs money! Their energetic money centers must be closed because spending money isn’t always a loss of money, it can be a way to magnify money!

The energetic money center is the second chakra, sometimes called the womb or sacral chakra. This chakra lies right below the navel. This chakra represents the energy of joy, awe and creativity. It is the joie de vivre energy which helps a person take initiative and be productive. It is a birthing center for new ideas, opportunities and relationships. If your creative energy or productivity is limited—then your energetic money center is also blocked.

Money is a form of energy. Money energy either flows or it doesn’t flow. How can you get money to start flowing in your life and in your business? Here are three ways:

  • Exercise the hips (the second chakra region of the body)! If your hip area is tight and inflexible, money cannot flow into your life. To loosen up this area and allow space for the energy to flow easily to and from your womb chakra, make clockwise and counterclockwise circles with your hips every day.
  • Clear the energy in your second chakra. Take your left hand (receiving hand) and place it right below your navel. Make slow counterclockwise circles (about 4 inches from the body) for about 3 minutes. Your left hand will fill up with congested energy that is blocking the energy flow in the second chakra. After 3 minutes, throw the energy from your left hand into an imaginary hole and clap your hands. Then cover up the hole- you are recycling the congested energy into the earth. Then take your right hand (the hand that sends energy into the body) and make clockwise circles for about 2 minutes. While you do this, you can add seeds of prosperity or love or joy to help the energy flow better in that chakra.
  • In my last Inner Realm article, I discussed auric clearing which is highly effective in clearing energetic attachments that limit the flow of money.

If you’ve been saving or hoarding money (excessively) or afraid to spend money, then new money cannot flow into your life. To get money flowing, start spending money to signify to the universe that you trust money will flow into your life and you will be taken care of financially. The figure 8 (infinity sign) represents equal giving and receiving of energy, including money. You can visualize a figure 8 as you spend money so more money flows to you. It is even more effective if you add emotional energy like joy!

If you or someone you know wants to clear blockages in the energetic money center, please contact me (anne.deatly@gmail.com, 201-925-1046).