Using intuition, the artist, Jessica Bush, expresses the invisible world beyond what the eye can see. I am so intrigued that Jessica can express what she senses beyond the physical plane. I am intrigued by her message to the world from what she gleans from her guidance or intuition. 

Her art is the expression of her tuning into the spiritual plane. Her use of color and the flow of her lines express dynamic movement. She incorporates Sacred Geometry symbols that represent an opening or doorway into the spiritual realm. Jessica captures the flow of energy as curved lines that may be associated with a person or object we recognize from the physical plane. Some of her art is Picassoesque in capturing objects or energy flow from different dimensions all at the same time. Knowing the Third Eye chakra energy enables us to transcend the limitation of the 3D world, I am curious to understand the messages about the invisible aspects of the spiritual plane. Are we getting a peek into the mystical side of life through Jessica’s art?

Growing up north of New York City, Jessica’s parents supported her interest in art and fostered her talent from a young age. Jessica’s father, Alfred, was an apprentice to Frank Lloyd Wright. As an architectural engineer, her father helped build the famous Frank Lloyd Wright’s Taliesen in West Arizona. Jessica’s dad was also a prolific artist whose vision was way beyond his time. Jessica’s mom, Gertrude, put herself through college and also received a Master’s degree in Early Childhood Development from NYU. Her passion was the mental and emotional development of children to live a balanced life. Jessica’s mom inspired her to develop her inner world, her inner strength, and express herself freely.

Jessica’s unique artistic expression has been influenced by Abstract Expressionism and more specifically inspired by the styles of Wasily Kandinsky and Jackson Pollack.

Guided by her intuition, Jessica is able to drop into a “creative zone”. Jessica’s gift is to paint what her intuition shows her from beyond the physical plane. What a great opportunity to enter the realm beyond the physical through artistic interpretation! 

For me, Abstract Expressionism is an expression of our inner feelings,

our inner thoughts, and our energy. I feel the energy of people and of nature,

and this energy, this movement, flows naturally – through me and from me – 

when I am drawing or painting.

Only recently have I learned that creating is a spiritual process that has 

fueled the development of my intuitive ability. I free my mind, almost as in 

meditation, and colors, lines and shapes emerge automatically.

Along with a connection to artists I have long admired, my work is a way 

for me to honor my parents. They gave me the freedom to discover that 

creative energy and art is not what I do – its who I am. And I am thrilled 

to share it with the world.”  Jessica Bush

Jessica, sells watercolors and fine art giclee (zhee-KLAY) prints (, a relatively new form of art. In 1991, printmakerJack Duganne, first coined giclee prints, which represents the process of creating fine art prints from digital sources using very high-resolution ink jet printing.  The printer must have the capability to spray more than 4 million microscopic droplets of ink per second onto canvas or paper. Inks that are pigment-based are used instead of dye-based, and any canvas, watercolor paper, or specialty printing paper designated as archival. Giclees are the highest quality fine art prints. Jessica prints only limited numbers of each print. 

I encourage you to take a look ( and see the world beyond the physical plane.  See a few examples below.