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Nine Energy Systems in the Energy Body 

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The nine systems are the Radiant Circuits, Aura, Chakras, Meridians, Celtic Weave, 5 Rhythms, Triple Warmer, Electrics, and the Grid. These nine systems in our energy bodies represents 90% of who we really are. Only 10% is our physical form. I still find this truly amazing. Quoting Mary Oliver in When Death Comes:…. “And when it is over, I want to say all my life I was a bride married to amazement. I was the bridegroom taking the world into my arms…..”  This blog will help us be married to amazement and take the world into our arms by activating our Radiant Circuits. When we activate our Radiant Circuits, we impact the world.

Activating Your Internal Radiance

by Dr. Anne Deatly

Radiant Circuits, one of the nine energy systems in our energy bodies, connect to our inner wells of joy. In Chinese Medicine Radiant Circuits are called Strange Flows, Psychic Channels, Extraordinary Vessels and/or Joy Generators. Radiant Circuits are the primary energies of exhilaration, and falling in love, orgasm, hope, gratitude, spiritual ecstasy, and rapture. Radiant Circuits instill joy, strength, resiliency, harmony, vitality, and spontaneous healing. 

The real distinction and magnificence of the Radiant Circuits is they have divine intelligence. Radiant Circuits can jump (or hyperlink) to any place in the energy body they are needed for healing or connecting. They connect by creating circuits where energies are disconnected. Radiant Circuits facilitate the awakening of psychic abilities and channel healing energy into the body.Radiant Circuits are repair mechanisms, back up systems for all the other energy systems especially the meridians, healers of energy imbalances, and connectors to the spiritual realm. Radiant Circuits connect us to our inner authentic self and the vibrant energies and oneness of the universe.

Because all the energy systems are linked through the Radiant Circuits, they regulate energetic deficiencies, excesses, and disconnections. These circuit connectors bring radiance throughout the body as they make create more circuits or connections. These energies bring a radiant, joyful, uplifting quality to all they touch.

These inner wells of joy support vibrancy and harmony within the body. Radiant Circuits can change our future by changing our mindset or psyche from depression, sadness or despair to joy and inner peace. Radiant Circuits can help us be resilient to stress and anxiety or events in life that would normally bring us down. Radiant Circuits can overcome overwhelm, self-sabotage, and negative thinking. Radiant Circuits can help when we are trapped in habits that do not serve us.

Radiant Circuits are the first energy to enter a human just after fertilization. (The aura is present in the unfertilized ovum.)

Radiant Circuits are the only energy system in unicellular organisms like amoeba. Donna Eden believes that over time, the Radiant Circuits formed pathways and then became meridians which flow in predictable paths in the energy body and have specific functions like supplying energy to the different organs or systems they are named after. 

Reasons to activate our Radiant Circuits include:

  • when we are stuck in the past
  • when negativity is pervasive
  • to establish better habits and lifestyles
  • to overcome resistance
  • when we are disconnected from ourselves, others, the Divine or spirituality
  • when life seems limited to what we can see, feel, hear, taste and smell 

Specifically, activation of our Radiant Circuits :

  • fosters peace as we identify with a higher purpose
  • allows for full presence with another person
  • fosters spiritual oneness
  • facilitates hormone harmony
  • supports connection between love and sexuality

Raising our own internal radiance helps the world. In this time, our culture is experiencing chronic stress (with no joy) as if it were a normal way to live. We are sending more negativity out in the world than is good for us.  Do we really want to be negative, be enveloped by sadness and feel limited? Do we really want to attract more stress, unhappiness and being unfulfilled?  Radiant Circuits can help us achieve inner peace and enjoyment by activating them more consistently. Here are natural ways to activate our Radiant Circuits:

  • smiling 
  • observing the beauty in nature or around you
  • listening to music
  • laughing uncontrollably
  • losing ourselves to play
  • loving
  • dancing
  • opening up space for the energy to move (stretching and yoga)
  • meditating
  • Crossing energies over our bodies from side to side (swimming and walking)
  • hearing an inspiring story
  • engaging  our spirit
  • observing a beautiful sunrise/sunset
  • improving our environment
  • walking outside
  • using our radiant imagination


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