Your Business is in Your Body

The holistic principle of life demonstrates how affecting one aspect of your life, it affects all other aspects of your life. Therefore, your business reflects the energy of your body. Since 99% of the world is invisible, life is much more than what can be explored through our five senses.

What is Optimal Health?

What is optimal health? To me, the medical paradigm for health is the absence of physical symptoms, illness or disease. This is one way to think about health. But is it the criteria you want for your own health? It is not the criteria I use for my own health and it is not what I aspire for my clients.

Stress and the Vagus Nerve

Performance anxiety, panic attacks and sensitivities to smells may all stem from the same issue-vagus nerve disengagement. The vagus nerve, or the 10th cranial nerve, is the longest nerve in the body. It runs from the hypothalamus area of your brain, and goes through the throat, thorax, , chest, diaphragm, abdomen, and intestines. The vagus…

Optimal Health and Radiant Living

I am passionate about my new business and my new life. Having a big bold brazen challenge that engages your heart, soul and mind has magnified my energy. Being energized and charged about my life and contribution makes an amazing difference in how I show up in the world. The bigger my challenge or dream,…