One universal law is The Law of Expectation. We receive in life what we expect. Most of us unknowingly use this law in a way that doesn’t serve our best and highest good. We don’t usually expect to succeed.

The Universe gives us what we focus on and expect. 

One scientific benefit of the Law of Expectation is The Placebo Effect. The Placebo Effect is the “fake treatment” in a clinical trial. The clinical trial has to have a comparator in order to determine whether a medicine, vaccine, or other treatment is efficacious against physical symptoms or a disease state. Therefore, all clinical trials are required to include a placebo. A placebo is an innocuous substance with no active ingredients, like a sugar pill, and has no associated healing properties related to the condition/disease for which the real drug/medicine/treatment is being tested. The patients in the study don’t know if they are getting the real drug or the placebo.

The Placebo Effect is a certain percentage of patients in the clinical trial that actually improve after getting the placebo-generally 25-35%. The Placebo Effect is so pervasive, clinical trials have to be designed anticipating The Placebo Effect in order to get a statistically significant increase in patients improving after receiving the actual drug/treatment being tested. 

Which brings up the most important point. Our own healing is possible if we expect healing. Do we care how it happens? No! If it is the sugar pill that causes relief of symptoms, the body is somehow being affected in a positive way.

If we believe the treatment the doctor gives us is going to heal us, then it WILL heal us. 

The Law of Expectation and The Placebo Effect highlight how powerful we are. We are able to create the outcomes of our health by our perceptions and expectations. 

In my understanding of consciousness, perception is key to what happens to us in life. “Our thoughts become things”, the quote associated with Mike Dooley, author of Notes from The Universe, Infinite Possibilities and Playing the Matrix. Also, in The Biology of Belief, Dr. Bruce Lipton explains how our perceptions determine what happens in our lives. He explains our genes do not determine our destiny (central scientific dogma), it is our environment that controls our gene expression.

Our environment is consciousness.

Similarly, our perceptions and expectations about our life are affected by our consciousness. If we expect success, we get success. If we expect failure, we get failure. We get what we prepare for. 

This Universal Law of Expectation has been operating throughout your whole life. 

Now is the time to use the Law of Expectation for your best and highest good for 2019. Since you are creating anyway, you might as well consciously create your life the way YOU REALLY WANT!

If you or someone you know wants to learn how to invoke the Law of Expectation or The Placebo Effect, please contact me, I can recommend some techniques for you to use. (, 201-925-1046).

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